Ain't nuthin' like a big screen...

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Ain't nuthin' like a big screen...

...on which to watch a television program!

Or at least one that's larger that a 22-inch flat-screen computer monitor, which is how I had watched the first seven episodes of The CW network's "Arrow."

I discovered purely by happenstance Friday evening that the more than two month blackout of WPIX by Cablevision was over and that the rightful Channel 11 programming had been returned to the cable line-up.

This will fall under the heading of "old news" to many, but the troublesome (read: "$$$") issues were finally resolved just two days before "Superstorm" Sandy struck and chez Speir was out of power and therefore TV for 12 days, one of the reason's I'd missed the big news.

And while this might be deemed A Faint Glimpse into the Obvious for most, a show like "Arrow" looks a whole lot better on a 45-inch high definition flat screen honest-to-Philo Farnsworth TV set then on a desktop computer monitor!

Accordingly, "Arrow" has been added to my Wednesday evening DVR schedule.

Two shows that have recently been removed are a pair of network series: ABC's "Revenge" and CBS' "Blue Bloods," essentially for the same reasons: insufferability!

The former, as much as I like to gaze upon Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe, has simply become w-a-a-a-y too soapy, the narrative beyond plausible, and cast members Connor Paolo and Ashley Madekwe (with her filthy accent) unwatchable!

(Plus there's just too much prime competing fare on cable channels AMC, HBO and Showtime since ABC moved the series from Wednesdaysto Sundays.)

The only reason why I hadn't previously 86'd the Friday night CBS series was because I was hoping that my friend Jack O'Connell might again reprise his "Stanich" character from last season.

Tom Selleck and Len Cariou are always good to watch... though I do wish Selleck would do more "Jesse Stone" teleficks in which he excels... but Donnie Wahlberg (usually the more palatable of the acting brothers) and Bridget Moynahan are terrible.

She can't act her way off a Vogue cover, and while his role of "Danny Reagan" has gotten larger, it's also become ex­ponentially unrealistic.

(Plus his working class Bostonian's Noo Yawk accent is nothing less than felonious.)

Next on my "cut list" might be one of my genuinely guilty pleasures, tonight's "The Good Wife." It all depends on the quantity of soap bubbles on our living room floor at the end of the hour.


1. Jackie Bennett said...

O shucks. Now that you've bailed on "Revenge" there's no one else I know who is watching it and therefore no one to talk to about it unless some readers in your blog are addicted to that show like I am.

Madame's tolerance for suds is much greater than mine, I fear.

But not to worry, there are "Revenge" discussion groups on-line everywhere, such as Revenge Forums, and even ABC's own Revenge Message Board, so have at it!

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