What's different about this picture?

Thursday, December 06, 2012

What's different about this picture?

From 27East's coverage of this morning's swearing-in of Robert Pearce as Southampton Town's new Police Chief:

Southampton Press photo by Michael Wright - click for full-size image

Compare that to William Wilson's swearing-in ceremony on May 2, 2011 before "a standing-room-only audience that spilled out into the hallway:"

Video capture from William Wilson's swearing-in

Southampton Press correspondent Rohma Abbas further described that occasion 18 months ago:

"Nearly 50 people, mostly village, town and a few New York State Police officers lined the sides of the board's meeting room...."

(For the full flavor of that meeting, watch the video on the Town Website. It's like a scene from an old '50s or '60s Hollywood western with indians as far as the eye can see on the rim of a canyon surrounding the wagon train or cavalry.)

OtBB noted at the time that the single most compelling rea­son to not name Wilson, was the overwhelming support of the Police Benevolent Association.

Today's event was as noticeably devoid of PBA members as it was well-attended by other Chiefs and Senior Officers from the East End law enforcement community.

The lack of rank 'n' file enthusiasm for Pearce's appointment can be found in the report of his promotion to Captain this past March:

Politically Divided Southampton Town Board Names New Police Captain

"...the Southampton Town Board voted 3-2 to promote Southampton Town Police Lieutenant Robert Pearce to captain—a move that lacked the support of both Police Chief William Wilson Jr. and the police officers' union."

With the appointment today of Robert Pearce as Chief, there is now increased promise for the future of a police department that has been clouded with a numerous prob­lems over the past two years.

On the political side, Superintendent Anna Throne-Holst and Board members Bridget Fleming, Jim Malone and Chris Nuzzi might like to review that May 2, 2011 video with particular attention to their words of support for William Wilson Jr. as Town of Southampton Police Chief.


1. RIRNY said...

Congratulations to my friend, Bob Pearce. I know he is going to do an excellent job for the residents and the Department.

Never met the man, but I'm told by his peers that he should excel in the position.

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