Jeanne's new best friends...

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Jeanne's new best friends... the world are at Zima Tire in Speonk, whose virtues have been extoled here in the past.

Jeanne's new car

She needs snow tires this time of year when she makes her bi-weekly mission of mercy to her octogenarian mom atop a mountain in Margaretville, and the ones from her late Honda... squashed like a yellow dog in the middle of a Mississippi road by "Super­storm" Sandy... wouldn't translate to her new Prius.

(This was particularly distressing to her as the Honda's snow tires were in excellent shape, and she thought she could get several more Winters out of them.)

The Zima lads ordered her new snow tires yesterday, and this morning she went off have them mounted, $400 worth.

(Everyone's muttering about the "fiscal cliff;" the post-Sandy costs have been substantial!)

But Jeanne returned from Speonk all smiles... her four new tires were mounted, and Zima'd found a buyer for the ones off the Honda, thereby reducing her costs by $100.

"It's not like we won the lottery," she reasoned, "but it's better than having another tree fall on us."


1. Champ19 said...

Will and John at Zima Tire are without doubt some of the best folks around. They labor tirelessly [sorry] in all sorts of weather in their small shop helping one and all keeping the shiny side up. Helping Mrs. Speir is indicative of their attitude towards their customers. There are many businesses who could take a lesson from those guys. Good on 'em!

They're solid in this household, and have been from the jump!

2. Babs Ramsay said...

We got our tires there for years and years. I love shopping locally and these fellows are the best.

I think we have an emerging consensus.

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