The Wounded Warrior Project Redux

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Wounded Warrior Project Redux

No to Wounded Warrior Project

Updated 11/19/2012 – 03:45 pm

The radio interview with WWP CEO/Executive Director Steve Nardizzi conducted by Tom Gresham yesterday on his GunTalk 'Netcast was very instructive, and is recommended listening for anyone considering support­ing that charitable group.

Fortunately for Nardizzi, Gresham, as earlier noted, is a "peaceable man" (as opposed to some of the more combative interviewers in the mainstream media), but Nardizzi came off sounding like a three-card monte spieler on a street corner, and with the credibility of an ambu­lance-chaser with a client in a neck brace.

Gresham had some follow-up thoughts and insights on today's podcast.


1. Charlie Clifton said...

You can donate directly to the VA here. All money goes to veterans' support. No money goes for television ads, Trace Adkins, nor Steve Nardizzi. (18% of $183m is almost $33m.)

Thanks for the pointer, Charlie... never even heard of Adkins 'til you mentioned him just now.

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