Upon Reflection...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Upon Reflection...

First Edition cover

...it was times such as during the past fortnight when I felt like the men on the American nuclear submarine USS Scorpion in Nevil Shute's (pure­ly coincidentally) post-apocalyptic novel "On the Beach," cut off from the rest of the world (as they knew it) and not even sure what's left out there.

And like Stanley Kramer's grim 1959 film version with Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner, when I looked out the window during the first few days of "Superstorm" (thank you, Andy Cuomo!) Sandy, it almost felt like a black and white world.

If there was a single amusing element of those first two-to-three days, it was that the ol' family homestead was one of the most popular photography destinations on the East End.

The view of the front yard was stunning!

View from Main Street

But visitors should have seen it from the front porch 10 minutes after it happened...

The three vehicles right after the tree fell.

The white vehicle is that of an evacuee, the dark blue Ford Escape is mine, and the metallic gold one "nestled" in the middle is Jeanne's pancaked Honda.

Day Zero plus four

Following the extrication of my Ford by my brother-in-law with his chainsaw, and the white sedan by Fred Bauer and his cat, Jeanne's crushed Honda awaits the trailer.

The root of the fallen tree

At the (Acer saccharinum) root of the problem.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

[sniffle]. That's my squashed Honda....

Yes, my darling.
– Dean

2. Sha said...

I'm just happy it was your car that was squashed and not the house or the dear souls within.smiley

Your dear mother is devastated at the loss of her little Honda Hybrid which she babied for everyone of its 200,000 miles!
– Dean

3. Jackie Bennett said...

Not an hour before that tree fell on our cars, Jeanne was helping me and my doggie and our supplies out of the car and safely into the house. She said we must not go back outside, and she was right. The tree could have fallen on us. Thankfully we are all in one piece. And my car, so I'm told, will be fixed. The question is when? I'm tired of shank's mare.

Aw, c'mon, Jackie, that mode of transport served Doc Merle well into his '80s! (And he wasn't a blonde!)
– Dean

4. Step-Progeny said...

Thank for posting pictures, and I'm so glad you enjoyed our donations to 256 East Main. Love you both and glad you are safe and sound. Tell Gracie to be nice to her little step-brother.

You and your brother's relief efforts were greatly appreciated, and came in handy.

Po' li'l Gracie had a huge gash/puncture ripped in her side last weekend, and not sure by what or how. We initially thought it was by some "superstorm" debris, but now your Mom thinks she may have gotten into it with a stag and been slashed.
– Dean

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