Counting House Watch

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Counting House Watch

Day the Second of the post-election process has passed, the last day to receive properly postmarked Absentee Ballots from other than military personnel stationed overseas.

When last we looked in on the process taking place in Yaphank, the Southampton Town Supervisor's contest had tightened slightly as Democratic candidate Jim Henry had lessened Republican Linda Kabot's lead by a fistful of votes.

And although it continues to appear as if the fat lady has warbled her fifth act aria for him, Patrick "Skip" Heaney managed to pick up 100 under-reported votes on his Conservative line. The incumbent Supervisor's sole "wing 'n' a prayer," though, continues to rest on the effi­cacy of his Absentee Ballot mailing operation.

On the Town Board side, the Election Night leaders had widened their margins signifi­cantly, with Republican Nancy Graboski bene­fiting from not only previously unreported votes from E.D. #26, but she too had 100 additional votes which had been under-re­ported ("167" as "67") from another precinct.

Democratic front-runner Anna Throne-Holst had also widened the gap between herself and third place finisher, Republican Dan Russo who is now looking at the prospect of returning to his law practice in Patchogue. In the traditions of General Douglas MacArthur and Ar-nauld Schwarzenegger, Mr. Russo should be back.

Tomorrow's counting house report should clar­ify the numbers, and reveal, barring a pro­tracted and tortuous courtroom slug-fest, just who will be sworn in at 116 Hampton Road come January.


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