There <i>is</i> a difference between...

Friday, November 02, 2012

There is a difference between...

...Westhampton Beach and Quogue, but then the late T. Decker Orr had assured me of that decades ago.

Where it became abundantly apparent this week was in the manner that each municipality's law enforcement personnel dealt with the lines of gasoline-seekers at the 11959 Hess station on the corner of Montauk Highway and Jessup Avenue, and the 11978 Valero retailer on Montauk Highway at Old Riverhead Road.

Perhaps the officer on duty at Hess Thursday afternoon was having an especially tough shift and his personal stress meter was red-lining, or maybe he's one of those respect my authoritah throwbacks whose badge and uniform are all he has in the world, but his dealings with me were a clinic in how not to interact with the public.

(In fairness to that officer, it's possible that he'd seen the vehicles queued... shades of Winter '72-'73... all the way down Jessup to The Quogue Liquor Store, and his coping skills had imploded.)

This afternoon a 27East headline read:

Officials Say Gas Relief Is Coming To East End

And not a moment too soon!

By marked and most pleasant contrast to the prior day's experience, late Friday afternoon the two Westhampton Beach Police Department officers, Mark Yakaboski and Ken Bigora, were models of professional decorum in the highest tradition.

This Village's Police Department has seen a significant change in attitude over the past decade... much to the credit of Chief Ray Dean and Lieutenant Trevor Gonce.


1. Marty Baker said...

Glad to see you back on line. Sorry you guys took another hit so soon. What have you been doing to upset Mother Nature so badly? Keep smiling -- "this too shall pass."

It's passed, Marty... the effects linger on.

And a Nor'easter due Wednesdaay? [glub]
– Dean

2. Babs Ramsay said...

Quick... get on a plane to the Keys. Warm, sunny and we'd love to have you.

Love to there, but Gracie and Rosco don't fly well. Though Jeanne sez if there's a job there, she'll pack the dogs in her new car and see you inside the week!

Me? I'll be here warding off looters and independent insurance adjusters.
– Dean

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