Round One of the Recount...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Round One of the Recount... completed, and "The Mystery of the Low Turnout on the 'Rez'" has been at least par­tially solved... there wasn't such a poor representation at all, only one properly functioning balloting machine in E.D. #26 which had not been reported.

Now that the re-canvassing has started, with Absentee Ballots tabulations to commence tomorrow, the additional ballots from E.D. #26 (Tuckahoe/Shinne­cock) have predictably favored the Democratic candidates at the top of the Southampton Town ticket. Jim Henry picked up five (5) votes... and before anyone scoffs at that, they should be cautioned to remember the historic "dead heat" Town Clerk's contest of more than a quarter century ago... and Town Board hopefuls Anna Throne-Holst and Sandra Dunn. On just that one previously unreported machine, the former strengthened her lead over third place heels-nipper Dan Russo by 60 votes.

The biggest test, of course, will be the "ab­sentees," and not only whether Mr. Henry can overcome Republican Linda Kabot's tenuous lead, but how well Patrick "Skip" Heaney's Conservative Party mailing campaign encour­aging Absentee Balloting paid off for the seemingly lame duck incumbent. He's still far enough up the track that he probably can't surmount the machine results, but since Mrs. Kabot neglected that aspect of her campaign operation, it is not a reach to speculate that the bulk of the non-Henry votes will not accrue to her candidacy.

The beat from the counting house goes on....


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