Ah, the irony, the hypocrisy!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ah, the irony, the hypocrisy!

Talk about clueless! This arrived yesterday from Congress­man Tim Bishop:

Bishop mailer
"My opponent is attacking me with lies for two reasons. He can't talk about jobs because his business is outsourcing. He can't talk about Medicare because he wants to end it."

"He can't talk about Medicare?" No, Tim Bishop, that's you!

Flashback to your first term in office, and the "informational meeting" about healthcare you held at the Westhampton Beach Firehouse.

On the cusp of entering the vexing Social Security system, I, along with several dozen of the graying panther demographic, attended to gather the information promised by our Representative on The Hill.

What we got was...

"I know you're all here to learn about the revised health care system, but I have to confess that I don't understand it either... and I helped author the legislation."

Yeah? Well, Tim you got me and everyone else there, to attended under false pretenses.

And now you're accusing Randy Altschuler of "wanting to end Medicare?"

The truth is, Tim, Altschuler and a whole lot of others running for the House of Representatives and the United States Senate, would like to end the Medicare that you, in your guise of Pelosi Puppet, foist on us.


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