What's This, Senator LaValle?

Friday, October 26, 2012

What's This, Senator LaValle?

Portion of rear of mailer Headshot of the faux Anna Throne-Holst

At first glance, it appears that New York State Senator Ken LaValle's re-election campaign has pulled off a major coup with his latest mailer by getting his opponent Bridget Fleming's powerful political ally, Anna Throne-Holst, to support him in November.

But look closely... that's not the Southampton Town Supervisor, just a look-a-like model, likely retained for just that purpose.

Front of LaValle mailer

Tricky, Ken... very tricky! Got a real race on your hands this time out, eh?


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Ken who? The guy who tabled the NYS Nurse Practitioner Modernization Act last year? (A logical piece of legislation that would have taken some ridiculous wrinkles out of my clinical practice and opened another affordable option for health care?)


Yes, dear! (Seriously!)
– Dean

2. 1340 said...

Intentional or not... and I am cynical enough to believe some staffer somewhere saw the resemblance... I don't think there is a race here. Councilperson Fleming is well known here in Town, but I don't see that extending to the rest of the Senatorial District. She gets 40%, but sets the stage for a rematch in two years. Problem then will be Fred Thiele and the Independance line. I don't see him sitting back and allowing a "newcomer" to take what he thinks is his.

Interesting "pocket analysis." Thanks.

3. Jimmy Bond said...

Anyone who thinks LaValle is the least bit vulnerable to defeat lacks understanding of the local political scene, especially in Brookhaven. 62+ percentage points. Even as Bishop gets back in over Randy "ship'em jobs overseas" with 53%.

Brookhaven has always had the arse to swing the East End... which is why many have been agitating for a Peconic County for the past 44 years... so we'll see if this year runs to form.

Let's revisit this on November 7th... if we're not washed up to New England before then.
– Dean

4. 1340 said...

I don't see Mr. Bishop pulling it off. Last time he had the (I) line; this time he doesn't. Last time he had Newsday's endorsement, this time he doesnt for whatever that may be worth. But I think the loss of (I) will be what costs him.

I just read that Newsday endorsement... interesting, because nowhere do they reference Bishop's ethical problems, but that had to have factored heavily into their decision.

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