Thursday, October 18, 2012


Classic 'Green Arrow' comic book cover

Remember last week how I was all grumpy about how Cablevision bites for a variety of reasons, one of which was that because the suits on Woodbury have removed WPIX, Channels 11/711 from its line-up over a rights fees dispute, which meant that I could watch the premier of "Arrow?"

Well, that sweet young thing at WPIX who told me that The CW usually makes an episode available on its Website the day after it airs, wasn't ribbing me.

Now, despite the Dolans' worst efforts and thanks to the versatility of Al Gore's wonderful Internet, I've seen the first two episodes of the series, and am impressed.

So are a number of other reviewers:

Stephen Amell as "Oliver Green"

For my part, a masked vigilante/avenger seeking redemption for an earlier life as a playboy-wastrel is compelling if done well, and The CW has afforded the series some top notch pro­duction values and cast a re­markabe physical speci­men, Stephen Amell, as the titular character.

Watching Amell train on vertical bars heightens the willingness of the viewer to suspend disbelief at some of the special effects and Olympics-level archery shots accomplished by the protagonist.

"Arrow" has shown me enough in the first two episodes that I'll hang out for a while longer, and damn'd be the Dolans if they don't put WPIX back in the Cablevision line-up smartly and with a right good will.

Cablevision Bites! - XLVI

The wonks in Woodbury have just plugged yet another cable feed into their Channels 11/711 slots while they continue their WPIX freeze-out.

This time it's OWN TV, by my count the fourth such substitution since WPIX became one of Cablevision's los desaparecidos.

It's time that the Federal Communications Commission revisited their all-but-abandoned "must carry" regulations... filing a complaint with the New York State Commission on Cable Television, about as useless a collection of political hacks as OTB or the Board of Elections, is usually an exercise in futility.


1. The Quiogue Kid said...

NO WPIX? That means you can't watch Officer Joe Bolton and The Three Stooges???

If that were the case today, youth across Cablevision-land would march on Woodbury and rare their corporate offices.

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