October Trustees Work Session

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Trustees Work Session

The 60+ minute Village Board Work Session flew short one Trustee this evening as Junior Palmer was nowhere in sight.

(Wouldbe supermarket developer Andrew Mendelson was, but remained silent throughout.)

The bulk of the meeting was taken up by Village Planner Kyle Collins' discussion of the proposed addition to Chapter 197 of the Village Code devoted to the administration of "Afford­able Housing," with much questioning by Trustee Patricia DiBenedetto and Deputy Mayor Hank Tucker.

Ms. DiBenedetto seemed particularly interested in the terms and definitions of "Affordable" and how long qualifying regu­lations would remain in place.

Other subjects discussed:

  • "Overview of Gates and Fences Code:" there have been an unspecified number of requests to allow higher fencing and gates, more for issues of privacy than increased deterrents against the no-longer strictly nocturnal depredations of an ever-expanding deer population.
  • "Maintenance of Vacant Properties:" the primary focus of the item was the former gasoline station on the corner of Mill Road and Sunset Avenue which is again in play since the developers of the shuttered bowling alley property are preparing to proceed, but at this time not with the corner parcel in question.

    Representatives of the owners were present and stated that they would provide a certain amount of topsoil to plant grass and make that entire corner a temporary park to improve the aesthetics of the area while construction was on-going at the adjacent property, if the Village would agree to maintain it.
  • In 2013 Westhampton Beach will be observing its 25th anniversary of a Tree City USA designation, and there was some brief colloquy about the next cycle of plantings.
A line in the sands...

...of the Rogers and Lashley Beaches was drawn by the Village Board when it comes to future requests to hold wedding ceremonies on the beach, and allow wedding re­ceptions there as well.

The Board was uniformly opposed to the latter.

(Probably a smart idea to not compete with The Resort At Westhampton Beach, née The Bath & Tennis Club.)

Weddings on the Village's beaches will continue, however.

The Work Session was closed as the Board members present retired to Executive Session for the purposes of discussion pending or proposed litigation.


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