The Special Meeting, II

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Special Meeting, II

Following a highly critical comment in respect to last Wed­nesday's OtBB entry, "The Special Meeting...," inquiries were made and an item of particular interest was spotted.

The original entry spoke to Deputy Mayor Hank Tucker's assertion that he had personally spoken to the New York State Comptroller's Office and been told that they were too busy with "school stuff" to take on anything less than emer­gency matters for a municipality.

One issue raised was...

"Under what authority Tucker initiated such a contact is unknown."

Tucker's statement on the record raised doubt as to its veracity for several reasons:

  1. In his initial response to a direct question as to why the Westhampton Beach Trustees were determined to spend tax dollars on a attorney to audit the auditors, Tucker never made any repre­sentation that he had been in contact with the State Comptroller's Office. It was only under pointed questioning by former Deputy Mayor Victor Levy and myself that he thought to add that bit of information. By that time, a notably agitated Tucker had begun flapping his arms... see Neil Salvaggio's photo on 27East.
  2. Upon personal experience spanning more than five years, Hank Tucker is an inveterate fabulist.

This was pretty much confirmed to my satisfaction when I was pointed to the Patch report of the meeting...

Trustees Vote to Audit Village Finances; Mayor Says, Nay

...and this in regard to an interview with Trustee Patricia DiBenedetto:

"She also indicated that trustees reached out to the state comptroller's office to request an audit, but were told that the state is currently busy with school audits."

Not "stated," "said" or "asserted," but "indicated."

Nice to know that, at least at this juncture, DiBenedetto will only go so far in backing up Tucker's lie.

Remember the words of J.R. Ewing:

"Once you give up your integrity, the rest is a piece of cake."

Just so.


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