And the winnah...

Friday, October 12, 2012

And the winnah...

Joe Biden rolling eyes during debate

...of last evening's Vice-Presidential Debate, simply because he was the only one standing after the last round, has to be Republican chal­leng­er Paul Ryan.

Not that he delivered any knock-out blow to Veep Joe Biden... Biden did that to himself with an unending series of smirks, snickers, interruptions and distracting gestures.

Joe Biden during debate

Not that Ryan never laid a glove on him, because the young Congressman did, and got tagged in return.

In all fairness, I think it it was decided on the judges' score­cards and Biden had so many points deducted for his dis­ruptive tactics, disrespectful behavior and inappropriate pulling of faces, that Ryan had to have won at least a majority decision from even the most biased of judges.

If Ryan had done that, he would have branded himself a young punk without an ounce of class.

Biden wildly gesturing

My only surprise was that Moderator Martha Raddatz didn't early on reach across, bitch-slap Biden so hard that his hair-plugs loosened, and tell him to knock it off!


1. Jacques D. said...

My assessment of the debate was that Ryan was the stealth winner.

Despite the lackluster persona, I think the strategy was correct. First off Do No Harm to your campaign. Don't try to pull off a home run or knock-out punch. If he had come short at such and attempt, it would have been the sound bite that the mainstream media would used against Romney. Far better to hold your ground. Let Bite-me Biden grandstand and display his pompous arrogance. There have been no allegations that he is too young or inexperienced to be Vice President. Conclusion. Ryan executed his strategy very well.

Now for the upcoming Town Hall meeting. A demagogic debate that will be stacked by design against Romney. But if Romney is true to form he will at least pull off a draw and then sink the Muslim in the final foreign policy debate.

So you were sleeping, and didn't take that 3:00 am phone call. And please explain how you defend your embassy when you ban our Marines from having any bullets in their firearms... Mr. Commander in Chief??

Obama Aka-bar!

Great! Now OtBB has attracted the attention of birthers and escapees from WND?

Jacques, this ain't that type of Website! Stuff it!

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