Cablevision Bites! - XLV

Monday, October 08, 2012

Cablevision Bites! - XLV

Let's be a bit more specific here... I'm okay with the 'phone service, and the broadband Internet access is actually pretty good. It's the Optimum cable television services that really bite!

Where to begin? Pfffft!

Item: just when WPIX, Channel 11, New York City's outlet for "The CW," comes up with a series, "Arrow," that might have potential interest for anyone past the acne cream stage, Corporate Woodbury pulled the plug on that channel, denying access to the entirety of its Cable­vision subscribers.

(WPIX considers itself the flagship station of The CW Television Network, but the carriage-fees dispute is also affecting WTIC in Hartford and WPHL in Phila­delphia, both blacked out on Cablevision.)

When Cablevision initiated its action on August 17th, it first replaced the WPIX signal on cable channels 11/711 with a shopping network, then, realizing the biggest howls would come from New York Giants fans missing the National Football League's season opener on September 20th, it switched the programming to The NFL Network so its subscribers could see the Giants-Carolina Panthers game.

(NFL Network is regularly available on cable channels 150/795, but it would have given Dish TV a tremen­dous opportunity to snag a number of Cablevision customers with its NFL RedZone package.)

Green Arrow Comic Book, circa 1943

Sports fans are for the moment, now that regular season baseball is over, placated, but as grumpy septuagenarian bloggers who remember "The Green Arrow" with some affection from our youth are not a significant part of Cable­vision's customer base, we're screwed.

That is, unless The CW or Hulu decides to make the series available on-line after its initial broadcast... which, a sweet young thing at WPIX just told me that The CW usually does the day after a program airs.

Meanwhile, Cablevision's on-line channel guide still shows WPIX in place in it's channels 11/711.

Cablevision remote instructions - click for original

Item: Cablevision's new Program Guide interface... not to worry, that's as technical as I'm going to get... went into service sometime last week, and utterly without warning.

It's one of those "suddenly everything I ever knew about something is wrong" deals... I am definitely not a technophobe, but when some­thing for which I pay a goodly chunk of change each month completely alters how I'm able to use it, I'd appre­ciate a little heads up in advance.

At the very least Cablevision could have had an opening message... it's not like they haven't done that before... appear when the customer first turns on the television set, directing customers to a certain channel (usually in the mid-600 block) explaining the change and how we're to use it!

Yes, I acknowledge that I'm at the stage of my life where even little "changes" can throw me, but this was a major change, #1, and, #2, it's not an intuitive one either.

And, I'm discovering, that the numerical buttons on the remote respond to the touch more quickly... don't know whether the issue is one of sensitivity or timing, but if I don't make a concerted effort to hit, arguendo, the 7, 0 and 2 buttons in rapid succession, the TV set will tune to channel 7 or 70.

(I'm not much on "texting" on my cell' 'phone so my thumbs are a bit on the slow side.)

This is new to me, and is taking some getting used to... which Cablevision has anticipated:

"The old program guide is being discontinued. We under­stand that it may take some time to adjust to the new program guide, but we encourage you to explore the vast array of options, features, and customizability the new program guide offers. We're sure that you will grow to love it."

In other words, suck it up and deal with it!


1. Pat Frost said...

I called Cablevision the morning they added that "new" Channel guide to complain. The woman there told me that it was the best advance that Cablevision has ever had! It blocks the 1/3 of the actual screen and I was told "but you can see through it." Not on my TV you can't. If I wanted a cable guide, I would go to that channel or the TV Guide.

You're lucky you could get through... I finally gave up!

Just now it took me 15 minutes to set up the programming of a solitary show instead of the entire series. Arrogant jerks! Like the Government, "we're Cablevision and we know what's best for you."

2. Paramarine said...

Those I know that have FiOS have been very happy with the service (your home has to be eligible - mine isn't). I've been a relatively happy customer of DirecTV, and beyond Internet service, I have no intention of ever again being a cable subscriber. I hope it's too late when they finally learn that they shouldn't treat their customers as if they have no choices.

Last time I checked, Verizon didn't offer FiOS here, but it does now and I shall investigate it.

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