It happened a week ago...

Sunday, October 07, 2012

It happened a week ago... Philadelphia, the birthplace of the Constitution of the United States, no less!

Girl Booted From Class For Wearing Romney Shirt; Teacher Made KKK Comparison

(No, you would not have seen that story if you are a Cablevision customer!)

The substance of the report:

"My teacher told me, she said, 'Are you wearing your Romney-Ryan t-shirt?' and I said yes I am. She told me to 'Get out of the classroom.' and I said no.'"

...16-year-old sophomore Samantha Pawlucy told a WPIX News crew on Thursday morning in the shadow of Inde­pendence Hall in downtown Philadelphia.

The event occurred on "dress-down day," Friday, Septem­ber 28 at Charles Carrol High School.

(The school, named after a well known Democrat, which doesn't fly an American flag.)

The student says that geometry teacher, Lynette Gaymon, who is black, drew a racial analogy in the hallway after ex­pelling her from the classroom, likening the wearing of the Romney/Ryan shirt to her wearing a KKK shirt.

Gaymon also asked Pawlucy if her parents were Republi­cans, to which the teenage replied," I don't know."

The teacher met with the girl and her parents, apologized and said that she had been joking when she passed that remark.

Gaymon has reportedly been reassigned, and is not currently listed among the high school's instructional staff.

On Friday she said "I'm just really scared to go back to school" because the matter has become so conten­tious and supporters of Gaymon have made threats.

While there is always the possibility that young Pawlucy is nothing more than an "attention whore," but if this is what's going on in our schools today, what sort of chance does the next generation have?


1. Clamqueen said...

That is so very sad! I think that teacher is drinking to much of the Obama Kool-Aid!

A lot of people are.

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