The Officials Stole Another One

Friday, October 05, 2012

The Officials Stole Another One

Fans of the Green Bay Packers now have others with whom to commiserate following the just concluded inaugural Na­tional League "Wild Card" game as the Atlanta Braves "wuz robbed" of a potential game-winning rally.

And watching on replay, the critical play was incontrovert­i­bly botched by Left Field Foul Line Umpire Sam Holbrook when he belatedly signaled the Infield Fly Rule was in effect on a fly ball as it fell between shortstop Pete Kozma and left fielder Matt Holliday.

The first question to be asked is why the Left Field Foul Line Umpire is calling the Infield Fly Rule when Third Base Umpire Jeff Nelson hadn't made a move to do so?

The Braves have protested the game, which they ultimately lost 6-3, but since it is a judgement call, it is not reviewable by Major League Baseball... the call stands, just as did the game-winning touchdown by the Seattle Seahawks on the final play of the Monday Night Football game against the Packers.

(That NFL contest was officiated by "Replacement Refs;" no such excuse applies to this evening's game.)

I'm not a fan of the Atlanta Braves, but they were jobbed on this one as all can see by watching the replays which will soon proliferate all over the Internet.

It's a shame that this play will hang like a dark cumulonim­bus over this game, the final one of future Hall-of-Famer Chipper Jones' 19-year career, and the first ever Wild Card game.

Helluva showcase!

The Bravos faithful can be excused if their absurd war chant is replaced by cries of "Kill the Umpire!"


1. Hampton West said...

I guess the replacement NFL refs could find employment with MLB. Truly abysmal call.

The First Base Umpire, Jim Joyce, who blew Armando Galarraga's perfect game two years ago, had the grace to acknowledge his error and genuinely apologize for his errant call. Not Sam Holbrook, a 16-year veteran, though.

Even if one grants that the Infield Fly Rule was properly invoked, Holbrook's delay in making the signal calls into question his qualifications for being assigned to such an important, one-and-done, game.

2. EastEnd68 said...

In defense of Sam, he has limited experience as left field ump.

Then why was he out there for such a critical (one-and-done) game.

3. said...

All umps have no experience being outfield umps.

I believe that they're called "Foul Line Umpires," #1, and, #2, obviously some umpires have such experience in prior post-seasons... but I don't see it as being that specialized an assignment.
– Dean

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