A 'Guilty Pleasure' returns...

Sunday, September 30, 2012

A 'Guilty Pleasure' returns...

...this evening on network ABC as "Revenge" begins its pot-boiling second season on a new night.

A year ago I wrote that the series...

"...is not destined to become a Wednesday evening regular chez Speir...."

...but, to borrow a phrase from the Watergate era, that information "is no longer operative."

Unlike White House Press Secretary Ron Ziegler seeking a way around telling the press that President Richard Nixon had told a shameful lie, however, I never for a moment envisioned that I would stick with that series for the entire 2011-2012 season!

([gulp!] Didn't miss a single episode!)

At first my interest was divided between spotting the filming locations in North Carolina which could not possibly be found anywhere in "The Hamptons" (there were those in abun­dance!), and watching the still-gorgeous Madeleine Stowe.

But then, even as I was forced to admit to myself that I was getting hooked by a "soap," the main ingenue and juvenile, got interesting, and overcame my revulsion to the char­acters portrayed by Ashley Madekwe, Connor Paolo and Roger Bart.

(Actress Madekwe has what my British-educated daughter would call "an absolutely foul accent.")

So I relaxed and "went with it," despite the absurdity with which some of the narratives unfolded.

"Revenge" Season 2 Title Art

And for thems whose recollections of the First Season may be a bit dim, ABC has taken a page from the latter years of the golden age (1936-1956) of Saturday afternoon serials when Republic and Columbia, for budgetary reasons, would slip in a "recapitulation episode" compiled from earlier foot­age, one or two chapters before the finale to get everyone up to speed before the "big reveal."

Last Wednesday, in the same time slot it occupied for the entirety of the 2011-2012 season, the network broadcast an hour-long précis of the first 22 hours... and have made it available on-line.

Not only will it help regulars get back into the flow of the show, but be instrumental in letting "newbies" know whether they want to start carving an hour out of the 2012-2013 Sunday evening TV viewing.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

You bring me great joy to know that you are following my favorite show. Heretofore I had no one to talk to about it except a stranger in Hampton Bays who puts the show on her DVR.

After last evenings Season Two premiere, I'm getting a little nervous... and even though they kept Madeline Stowe's name out of the opening credits, anyone who didn't see "the big surprise" coming, hasn't been paying attention!
– Dean

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