It's already 'f'ugly'...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's already 'f'ugly'... this year's 1st Congressional District Race between incumbent Tim Bishop (D, NY) and repeat challenger and failed Green Party candidate from New Jersey, Randy Altschuler (R).

And it's getting worse as this week has already seen three large format post cards from the candidates in my mail box, in a campaign that long ago "went negative" with serious charges leveled by both camps.

Altschuler campaign mailer received 09/26/2012

I particularly like this one received in yesterday afternoon's mail, labeling the incumbent "Among Most Corrupt in Congress."

I checked the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington website, and there he was.

Then I checked the entity itself and not only found that it was legitimate and not simply a front for some "Right Wing kill squad," but that it's a nine-year-old nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to which George Soros, among others, has contributed.

(Soros makes Nancy Pelosi, D, CA, look well to the Right of Cardinal Richelieu!)

No, I don't like Bishop, as I've made abundantly clear for as long as I've had OtBB and explained why.

But I don't like Altschuler either, and not because of the smear job with which an increasingly desperate Bishop is trying to coat him.

Altschuler has been very adroit in spinning his pre-politcs career as an out-sourcing entrepreneur, but if it's not simple "spin," where was this information during his narrowly un­successful 2010 campaign.

What's different this time?

Diana Weir is running the Altschuler and she'd make a good foil for James Carville.

I think I met the woman once some years ago, but right now she's another reason I'm down on the Altschuler cam­paign, having just received an automated 'phone call from her standing strongly for her candidate in denouncing the Bishop campaign's "lies about Randy's outsourcing."

That's okay, right?

Not when it comes from a blocked number! That's a no-no for an automated political call!

If the Altschuler campaign wants to talk about Bishop's questionable ethics... yeah!, the ones that a Southampton Press editorial attempted to gloss over earlier this month... then they had better get their own house in order!

And once again, we are left with an appalling choice in the 1stCD five weeks from now.


1. Crabby said...

Outsourcing Randy. I'll stick to the devil I know.

The miserable Tea Party partisan politics in our Congress has been in large part responsible for the stall in our economy. Altshuler is the last person on earth I'd put in charge of the local economy. He could give a damn.

Someone just showed their true colors, I fear, with this mindless Leftist crap.

It's clear I'm not an Altschuler fan, and never have been, but the best you've got is a two year old link and hollering "Tea Party" is a crowded theater?

2. Crabby said...

Hey. I could have yelled "FIRE" already...

3. 1340 said...

I am normally "right of center" but I almost want to buy into the "us vs. them" theory here. Randy has tons of money, as does Mr. Romney. Randy is using his money to buy this seat. (Prior to this attempt, I am not aware of any connnection between him and the East End.) Am I really supposed to believe that a guy like Randy, and a guy like Mr. Romney (with his $20,000,000 annual income) is really at all concerned with my well being? I think not. This line is going blank on my ballot, and that pisses me off.

We find outselves in similar boats... no Federal candidates about whom to be enthusiastic this November. Altschuler is a well-heeled hustler (and in an entrepreneurial sense, that's not always a bad thing) and Bishop is an outright fraud! There hasn't been anyone decent in that seat since Bill Carney.
– Dean

4. Marty Baker said...

Dean, when was the last time you voted for the best of the two candidates and not the lesser of the two evils?

Aye that, Marty! It's been a while.

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