Hey, Roger Goodell!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey, Roger Goodell!

The feared B.S. flag

As a National Football League/Detroit Lions fan since well before you were born, I'm throwing the yellow flag on your actions as league Commissioner this week!

The "replacement referees" issue was al­ready at a boil before last evening's Green Bay-Seattle game, but now it's gone nuclear.

By now everyone and their idiot brother-in-law knows how badly the fill-in refs blew the final eight seconds of the Packers-Seahawks contest... two flagrant penalties not called before the game-ending interception/winning touch­down was botched so badly... and "gave" Seattle a win they did not deserve.

Everyone has seen the video replays of the play, and now the Commissioner's office has just announced that the fake result of the game will stand.

Commissioner Goodell could have, in the "interests of fairness and the integrity of the game," taken the unprec­edented step of overturning the result.

Goodell didn't for a simple reason: the 32 team owners are looking to bring the National Football League Referees As­sociation, currently in a "lock-out" situation, to its knees, and such a drastic measure on the part of the NFL would weaken the owners' position.

So last evening's outrage fraud is part of the official record as the NFL owners cough discreetly and look the other way.

Roger Goodell

The late Commissioner (1960-1989) Pete Roselle would not have stood for any­thing like this for one nano-second... he more than anyone else built the NFL to the position of prominence it has enjoyed over the past 25 years.

Roger, you yutz, I don't ever want to hear the words "the integrity of the game" pass your lips again!


1. The Quiogue Kid said...

With the NFL's "explanation" today, the NFL has all the integrity and honest competitiveness of the World Wrestling Federation.

Right now that's a disservice to Vince McMahon.

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