The good news on the evening...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The good news on the evening... that the "Primetime Emmys" recognized some worthy nominees with awards, most notably:

  • While HBO's "Veep" didn't win for Outstanding Comedy Series, Julia Louis-Dreyfus won Outstanding Actress in that category.

Two winners I never saw coming are none-the-less richly deserving of the honors:

  • The excellent Aaron Paul of "Breaking Bad" for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series... it was actually his second such win, but as earlier noted, I haven't paid any attention to the Emmys for almost ten years.
  • And the reason I never saw Jeremy Davies winning Guest Actor in a Drama for his role as "Dickie Bennett" on cable Fx's "Justified," is that I never saw that category even listed on the official Emmy site!

And now that I know there's such a category, and who was nominated this year, of that lot I would have gone with Mark Margolis's "Tio Salamanca" in AMC's "Breaking Bad."

(And as delighted as I was to see "Justified" get some recognition, a better nominee would have been Damon Herriman, hilarious as the ill-suited career criminal "Dewey Crowe.")

(List of Emmy nominees and winners, less, for un­known reasons, the Guest Actor categories.)

So there was some good with the recurring bad in the 2012 Emmy Awards show, but for me the best thing I saw on TV this evening was the legendary Clarence "Frogman" Henry performing in a brief cameo in the third season debut of HBO's "Treme."

What? No one recalls Henry's 1956 debut hit, "Ain't Got No Home?"


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