Clint's back...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Clint's back...

Poster for "Trouble with the Curve"

...Eastwood, of course, and it's not an empty chair he's talking to, but his recal­citrant urinary tract in the opening scene of "Trouble with the Curve" which opened last evening at the Hamptons Arts.

Now I was led to believe that 2009's "Gran Torino" was to be Eastwood's swan song in front of the camera, but as Bogey memorably admitted in "Casablanca:"

"I was misinformed."

It's by no means heavyweight film fare, and not likely to garner any awards... perhaps Amy Adams in the "Best Supporting Actress" category, but I loved it!

While it's set against the great American pastime, this is no more a baseball movie than was "Field of Dreams," and if the later was about a man connecting with his dead father, the current one is about a young woman connecting with her own aging father before it's too late.

And she doesn't have to build a ball park on a farm field to do it, only accompany her near blind baseball scout dad on a scouting trip to the middle-of-nowhere North Carolina.

It's part hokum and cliché, but there are some powerful moments as well as some hilarious ones... and you walk out into Six Corners with a smile on your face.

Go see it!


1. Hampton West said...

Saw it, entertaining but still think the best baseball movie was "The Natural."

Certainly had the best score... thank you, Randy Newman!

2. Laura Spaulding-Dragon said...

I'll give it a try. I know everyone goes crazy for "Field of Dreams" but of the three baseball movies that Kevin Costner delivered to us, my favorite is "For Love of the Game." Although "Bull Durham" does have that wonderful oft-quoted monologue on the beliefs of Crash Davis.

I've always maintained that to really get "Field of Dreams," you have to be a guy.

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