Rosco's and Gracie's new best friend...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rosco's and Gracie's new best friend...

Brian Bossetta our neighbor a street and a half hence, author, actor and former South­ampton Press reporter, Brian Bossetta.

Fortunately for Gracie and Rosco, the puppy my wife never had when she was a little girl, chez Bossetta is pooch-friendly, and when Brian spotted them in his yard, both his heart and his door opened to the two run-aways.

Unbeknownst to Jeanne or myself, they saw an uncommon opportunity for a mid-afternoon adventure... and they took it, the rascals!

Brian called the number on the tags, convinced the disbe­lieving us that he did in fact have our dogs, that it wasn't a ransom call and that both were in good health and available for immediate retrieval.

And so they were, and quickly returned to the bosom of their family!

Brian... and Caroline... we are in your debt.


1. Brian Bossetta said...

Dean... this is such a wonderful blog... I truly mean it when I say that reading it made my day... Rosco and Gracie are welcome here any time... great meeting you as well. B

I hope not to have them take you up on that offer.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

I am so grateful you called and rescued our rescue dogs from their meandering ways. We always keep them on lead, and I thought they were downstairs when you called. You are my hero! Thank you for keeping them safe from the street traffic and the doggy gendarmes!

3. Brian Bossetta said...

Jeanne, we took no time in devouring your wonderful Apple Brown Betty... it was absolutely delicious... you really didn't need to do that... but so glad you did.

smileyThanks again, B

Jeanne says thanks for the note, but keep your eyes peeled 'cause Gracie took it on the lam again.
– Dean

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