September Trustees Work Session

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Trustees Work Session

The September Village Trustees Work Session opened with a moment of silence in respect to former Deputy Mayor Mark Raynor who passed away last week.

The opening discussion involved a tentative plan to recon­tour the Northwest corner of the intersection of Mon­tauk Highway (C.R. 80) and Old Riverhead Road (C.R. 31) to create a turning lane for Southbound vehicles attempt­ing a right-hand turn.

Based on the discussion between Village Clerk Rebecca Molinaro and the Village Board, the completed project might look something like this...

Aerial depiction of the intersection of Montauk Highway (C.R. 80) and Old Riverhead Road (C.R. 31)

...with the yellow area representing the expanded C.R. 31.

Also discussed was the upcoming Westhampton Beach Parent Teachers Association Halloween Parade scheduled for Wednesday, October 31st when, in a departure from prior years' norm, the parade route will start at the Elementary School, travel down Mill Road around the Six Corners traffic oval and straight back to the Elementary School.

Missing for 2012 is Main Street and the participation of the Greater Westhampton Beach Chamber of Commerce.

A walk-on item by Mayor Conrad Teller pertained to the proposed installation of a larger pump-out facility at the municipal marina, as suggested by Southampton Town Trustee Bill Pell who indicated the the cost would be amelio­rated in part or entirely by a grant-in-aid.

There being no further public discussion, the Board entered into Executive Session for the purposes of pending and on-going litigation.


1. Hampton West said...

Who owns the gas station, Dean? Been in-operative now for some time and adds to the "ghost town" look.

Have no idea... last I looked it was under control of the same entity as the active station across the street.
– Dean

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