A star(let) in born...

Monday, September 17, 2012

A star(let) in born...

...last evening on the Season 3 premiere of cable HBO's "Board­walk Empire" in the episode entitled "Resolution."

Her name is Meg Chambers Steedle, and if any unknown ever dominated an established series1 the way she does, it escapes my memory.

Meg Chambers Steedle as "Billie Kent"

Her character, Broadway chorine Billie Kent, arrived at the annual New Year's Eve bash of Nucky Thomp­son on the arm of Eddie Cantor, affecting, we learn later, the persona of a good-time flapper, and after downing a couple of drinks she's snatched from other party-goers, performs a delightful two-person specialty routine, "Old King Tut" with the well-established musical headliner.

(The song is not related to Steve Martin's comedy tune from the late-'70s.)

It was terrific... what used to be called a "show-stopper."

But this was no one-shot "walk-on/dance-on" as it was revealed in the episode's penultimate scene that Billie is the mistress of the now married-in-name-only Nucky who is completely smitten with her.

Her character is gonna be around for awhile!

Actress Meg Chambers Steedle

Whether it's a "star-making turn" for the North Carolina-born dentists' daughter and 2008 graduate of North­western's School of Com­munications, remains to be seen... her IMDb résumé lists only one appearance of any substance, "Body of Proof," and that aired 18 months ago.

But Meg Chambers Steedle is an actress that I have every confidence that the late Lee Davis would also sit up and take notice of, and fix squarely in his interview sights.

I'm also confident that within a year, the "let" could safely be dropped from this entry's title... she's gonna be a star, not someday, but soon!

  1. With the possible exception of Dana Delany in the 6th episiode of the second season of "Moonlighting," but she already had eight years worth of minor credits on her résumé. After that, it was "Cybill who?"


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