By light of day...

Friday, September 07, 2012

By light of day...

Glover's Lane looking South from the municipal parking lot.

...the exact problem discussed at last evening's Village Board meet­ing in regard to traffic traveling the wrong way on the One-Way portion of Glover's Lane, becomes much clearer.

It's not that the passage between the Mill Road municipal parking lot and Glover's Lane isn't adquately marked, because it is.

The larger picture, showing rear of Waldbaum's and width of Glover's.

The greater part of the issue lies with drivers exiting the Staller Associates property (Waldbaum's) onto Glover's Lane and turning right toward Main Street, despite the presence of a "one way" sign directing all traffic left to Mill Road, and another sign advising "no truck route."

Exiting from Staller Associates/Waldbaum's onto Glover's Lane.

(It's not that truck drivers are illiterate or innately stupid, only that there is often an attitude of "We own the roads and we do as we please!" entitlement.)

While OtBB would never attempt to compete with the pros from West Main, Dunn Engineering Associates, or denigrate Village Police Lieutenant Trevor Gonce's suggestion about striping, here's a couple of suggestions:

  1. Have the Highway Department refinish the signs to Department of Transportation standards, remount them so they are vertical and look less like props from a remake of "Tobacco Road," and trim the shrubbery around them so they are fully visible.

    Do that and the signs are more likely to be noticed and taken seriously.
  2. Consider making Glover's Lane one way its entire length, with no exit onto Main Street... for that, Dunn's Ron Hill would need to be consulted.
  3. Start giving out traffic citations... Justice Gus Kelly would dismiss them all, but drivers, especially those with Commercial licenses, would soon get the message.
One possible solution...
  1. As a bargaining chip with Staller/Waldbaum's, the Village could offer to remove the landscaping and curbing (circled in yellow) to permit the semi rigs making deliv­eries direct access to the store's loading dock so they don't have to undergo the tortuous backing maneuvers through the Northern access point off Sunset Avenue.

    For their part, the store would agree to seriously clean up its act, and complete its renovations and planned expansion into the space previously oc­cupied by the late and much lamented National's.

Hey!, it's only one possible approach to the problem, and it didn't cost anyone anything.



1. Tugboat Bertha said...

Speir, you are positively brilliant. Hopefully those who can do something about it will consider your suggestions.

My blushes, #1, and, #2, Right!

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