Balloting Results...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Balloting Results...

...of the Westhampton Beach "Union Free" School District's Special Referendum on what to do with the $800,000 we paid with our tax dollars for a project that wound up not needing that much money.

150 voters decided "Yes" that they get to keep it rather than return it to the District taxpay­ers. Only 85 felt that "No" it should be given back.


1. Matlynn Carville said...

With a plummeting stock market, an imploding housing market, a rapidly declining valuation of the American Dollar, compounded by a frightening spike in home heating oil, gasoline, health and food costs, one would think that the average homeowner would be increasingly sensitive to the many "mere pennies" being bled off by the school budget, the new library vote, why, even the "dental insurance" of our Village Trustees. The discovery of a surplus (read that "found money") could have been applied towards our overall debt. That's what a credit counsellor would advise: reduce your debt, as hard times are a'coming. But no, even with a possibly declining student population on the horizon, we're bankrolling yet another school frill project that includes new digs for the Supe. Way to go! I truly hope you keep your jobs, and don't get behind on your mortgages. The way you're spending other people's money gives me pause. Fiscal responsibility begins at home.

Of course that's where it starts, since most poverty does as well.

2. Mike said...

As a sitting School Board member of 11 years in another district, I question why this was even put up for a vote. The funds that were left over should have been encumbered and used the following year to bring down the tax rate. Will it help to lower taxes? Every little bit helps.

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