North Mall a mafia money dump?

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

North Mall a mafia money dump?

What did we miss of interest to Westhampton Beachers during the 2½ month-long "Dog Days of August?"

It wasn't anything close to the celebrated "Headless Body in Topless Bar" front page tabloid headline of 1983, but...

Mogul accused of bilking mother-in-law of $10 million

...on July 27's Daily News Page 6 had a local angle.

New York Daily News, Page 6, July 27, 2012

Referring to the North Mall on Old Riverhead Road as one of Jonathan Winston's "investment properties ... in the Hamp­tons, " the NYC tabloid reported:

"In 2000, [Winston] was charged with being involved in a $50 million 'pump-and-dump' stock scheme with Gambino crime family associates.

He pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering charges...."

(United States Eastern District of New York Court doc­uments, in re: US v Jonathan Winston et al.)

...given a ten year suspended sentence and ordered to make restitution in the amount of $108,988,825.50 which, 11 years later, remains unpaid.

According to Winston's own Website:

"Today, Jonathan Winston is developing ... a retail shopping center in the Hamptons...."

...which would be North Mall and North Mall II (Winhaven Westhampton Beach Plaza LLC), properties involved in a protracted Planning Board application which resulted in some controversy when Chairman Ralph Neubauer, then Trustee Joan Levan's buttboy, twice attempted to influence the Zoning Board of Appeal's decision on a subsequent appellate review.

It is OtBB's understanding that the Winhaven principals have abandoned their attempts at getting approvals for a second story on the two strip mall structures, and are proceeding with what the Planning Board originally approved.

Just how active Jonathan Winston currently is with Win­haven Westhampton Beach Plaza LLC is unknown.

As is the progress of the legal action again him by his mother-in-law, Annette Lorber.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

We suspected there was some kind of money thing going on with the principals of the North Mall. More will be revealed, yes?

Dunno... just found that li'l tidbit interesting, especially given the Neubauer-Levan behind-the-scenes activities. (The Empress proposes, her toadies depose.)

2. Mrs Genetics said...

It's not often that one gets to read about someone referred to as another's "buttboy," but buoyed by the opportunity to do so I am.

Ne'er has one so richly deserved the appellation.
– Dean

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