Monday, September 03, 2012


What's wrong with this image from the Old Navy catalogue? Let us count the ways:

  1. There was no "AFC" (American Football Conference) in 1961; it did not exist until the American and National Football leagues merged in 1970.
  2. The Houston Texans did not come into being 'til the NFL expanded in 2002.
  1. There was a pro football team in Houston in 1961, but they were the "Oilers" of the American Football League.
  2. Those Oilers won the 1961 AFL championship.
  3. In 1962, the Dallas Texans celebrated their AFL title by hightailing to Kansas City and rechris­tening themselves the "Chiefs."

The errant "replica jersey" was, until this morning, in the men's NFL section of the Old Navy catalogue after the gaffe started making the rounds on the Internet.

It vanished earlier today, and Gap Inc./Old Navy spokes­person Edie Kissko told ESPN.com:

"The NFL clothing sold in our Old Navy stores is created by a third party sports licensing company... We apologize for this error and are removing the T-shirts."

Could this be one of the risks of off-shore manufacturing of uniquely American products?


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