What fun!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

What fun!

It has happened at irregular times... weddings, funerals or when one of boys is properly motivated by a strong enough desire to call the clan... and we have a family reunion.

The current one is the closest yet to home... all five of my cousins grew up next door to me, but now make their homes elsewhere distant... on Moriches Island, chez Dalmasse.

Charlie and Cindy (Swan) Clifton and their progeny Molly and Chip came from Sarasota, Rick and Jane (Cuthbert) Clifton arrived from the coast of Maine along with two of the off­spring, a son-in-law and two grandchildren, Steve Griffing and his daughter Morgan and grandson Steele popped up from Port Charlotte, while "baby" George and Trish (De­Baun) Griffing, both just retired after 28 years of teaching, trekked in from Anchorage, Alaska.

(Missing only was contrarian Woody and Mary Clifton... prior commitments and all that.)

Over the past week, from all sides of every coupling, there were kith, kin and consorts from places as near as Babylon and as far as Seattle, from suckling six-weekers to upper octogenarians unsteady of gait but with clear minds and stout hearts.

Four of the five brothers
George Griffing, Charlie Clifton. Steve Griffing, Rick Clifton

And some of the ladies...

Jeanne Speir, Steve Griffing, Cindy Clifton and sister-in-law Kate Swan.
Jeanne, Steve, Cindy Clifton and sister-in-law Kate Swan, wife of Jamie.

It's been a week of barbecuing and baking, steaming and roasting, swimming, sailing1 and fishing... and of course, imbibing!

Anet the latter, I was introduced to a new drink, the Dark 'n' Stormy. Normally, I like my rum, Mount Gay Eclipse, neat or, if I'm trying to go the distance, as a highball with nothing more incommodious than good ol' "2¢ plain," seltzer.

But this is very tasty, and my introduction to Goslings Black Seal Bermuda Black Rum and Barrett's Ginger Beer... and I so enjoyed myself with it last weekend that Jeanne wouldn't let me go back and play with the boys 'til last evening.

Today we have planned a tour of greater Westhampton which will, I'm confident, be accompanied by much shaking of heads over was is and what was remembered.

It will always be thus.

  1. The last time more than one of the brothers were here together was the occasion of the SS Centennial in 2008, some images of which Steve Fink mounted on YouTube. Charlie and Rick are sailing #47.


1. Chris Dalmasse said...

Walter Jenkins!

You are right... just 28 years too late to claim that Mexican dinner at BK's Restaurant and Saloon. But thanks for playing.
– Dean

2. Jackie Bennett said...

It was great to see the pictures of your family reunion and delightful to see George. I'll alert Willie to check the blog. He and George were great pals when they were growing up and Willie spent a lot of happy times at George's house.

George, the "baby" of the five brothers, being four years younger than Woodie, is as white-haired as Harlan Sanders, so Charlie and Rick dyed their own heads of hair brown to make him feel really old when he and Tish arrived from Anchorage. The effort was wasted 'cause he didn't notice.

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