I hate it when...

Friday, August 24, 2012

I hate it when...

...News12LI shows up anywhere near the area as their "news" coverage is generally substandard and superficial, commonly of the New York City tabloid-esque "let's show all our have-nots what The Hamptons are all about" variety!

But credit where credit is due, and their current report...

Hospice plans in Quioque have neighbors up in arms

...which debuted around 5:15 pm yesterday, isn't as horrendous as it might've been.

At least they had someone from East End Hospice, Michael Pitcher, as an actual on-camera participant in the story rather than someone ambushed, microphone-in-the-face, "What's your reaction to this controversy?" unprepared "victim."

(In fairness, the News12LI reporter was Doug Geed, and he's not noted for that approach.)

Both viewpoints were represented in the two-minute segment, and hyperbole and hysteria were absent.

For that one had to visit the cable station's Facebook page where someone posting as "Heidi Figueroa" and sympa­thetic to the "No-Hospice-Facility-Here-in-Quiogue" faction, was ganged up on so severely that this morning she deleted her own comments and withdrew from the dialogue.

If Cherie Mcgee is adept at reading the tea leaves, the NHHIQ have already lost any emotional debate, and had better have some solid science to buttress their position if they have any chance for success in presenting their brief before the Southampton Town Planning Board.

So far, I haven't seen any such science.


1. Cherie Magee said...

Hi Dean – Wish I had seen this post earlier....

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