It's not just the weather...

Friday, August 17, 2012

It's not just the weather...

...that's heating up hot, with more than 11 weeks to go 'til the polls open on Election Day, the NY-1 campaigns just went from zero-to-55mph this very day.

Tim Bishop's mailing

This afternoon's U.S.P.S. brought a slightly smaller than Randy Altschuler's large postcard from yesterday, mailed from Congressman Timothy Bishop.


I glanced at it... it was very "busy," pastelly and poorly de­signed... yawned again, then tossed it aside and went back to watching something I'd time-shifted from last night.

Scarcely 20 minutes later I was brought fully conscious by the ringing 'phone which, when I answered it, was greeted by an increasingly commonplace hollow silence.

This used to mean that we were receiving an automated call of some sort, which, after a moment...

"Hello. This is Rachel from card member services. We're calling to inform you about an issue with your credit card...."

...or, in the alternative, it's what has entered the argot of today as an "ass-call," an unintentional speed-dialing of a number by a part of the body which was never intended to work with the keypad of a cell' 'phone.

Both my wife and her younger daughter Kate are routinely guilty of this sort of mishap, and I listen just long enough to ascertain that they are not over-turned in a ditch trying to call for emergency assistance.

But just after 6:00 pm, it was an automated call from the Altschuler campaign alerting me to "an important story in today's Newsday" about Tim Bishop's "unethical and pos­sibly illegal behavior."

Really? News to me... but not surprising news.

(27East finally picked it up late this afternoon)

Bishop On Defensive After Claims Of Unethical Campaign Solicitations

As with yesterday's Althschuler mailer, two things occur to me:

  1. There's a lot of "political theater" involved in this.
  2. Bishop's camp, specifically his daughter Molly who serves as his fundraiser1, weren't very alert to the ethical implications of their actions, "Caesar's wife" doncha know?

One other item of note: Bishop maintains that Altschuler and his aides have "distorted" the incident, and "out of an abundance of caution" have since donated the $5,000 to a number veterans' organizations.

Translation: as Chelsea Handler likes to say, "Oopsie!"

Related Newsday reports...

It should be pointed out that Newsday really doesn't give a rusty rodent's rump about ethics or illegalities, only that for the present news-cycle, they're able to pile on a relatively high-level... one of only 535 nationally... political figure.

And that's bad luck for my United States Representative for whom I've never voted, and won't until he admits that the Second Amendment is an individual Right, is able to explain in lay terms the health care plans he proudly asserts that he helped author, and can make a reasonable case that he's not a puppet of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

  1. And as her Dad's "pitbull with lipstick" during his last campaign against Altschuler.


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