Not so Bissful after all...

Friday, August 17, 2012

Not so Bissful after all...

Being a continuation of "Bissfully unaware..."

I dunno... perhaps it's the "Dog Days," the Dies Caniculares of August through which we've been sweltering since mid-June... but of late it seems the Village been aggressively assailed by idiots in squadrons...

  • Andrew Mendelson who is trying to float the notion that his privately commissioned public opinion sur­vey is an acceptable alternative to an actual Land Use application.
  • Leopold Balestrieri for whom no one has success­fully translated the concept of "Stop Work Order."

    (Psssst, Leo: "Smettere di lavorare!" Capisci?)

  • The bellicose Mickey Biss who, likely getting desperate since his sole tenant flipped its final 'burger earlier this month and abandoned the premises, wants to sue over an opinion?

Upon detached reflection, however, some of the problems here may be caused by "inaccurate transmisssion," not from English to Italian, but of information by The South­ampton Press' correspondent Erin McKinley.

For openers, there was no "July 26 work session meeting" as she has published, and what she quoted from Village Attorney Haefeli, "Mr. Biss does not know what he is talking about," had to have been invented by Biss since at no time did Haefeli ever respond to the developer's rambling 35 minute address to the Village Board at the actual Work Session of July 16th.

Note that nowhere in McKinley's 27East coverage of the July Work Session...

Landlord Blames Westhampton Beach Village For Vacant Building

...does she quote Haefeli on anything, and had he uttered anything such as Biss has charged, she would have been all over that like a Kametler on a 'possum.

(It's the type of "sound byte" that causes reporters to murmur silent thanks and makes their Editors smile.)

So either the heat's got McKinley, too, and she is uncritically accepting everything that Biss has been feeding her, or everyone's lying.

One thing is certain, though, if Ms. McKinley quoted Biss correctly when he stated:

"There is no legal basis to tie the legal owner of a property to a site plan from the previous owner."

...then Biss does not know jack spit about Land Use.


1. Scarlett said...

Don't know that they're "idiots," so much as people made desperate by the economy who take a look at who's sitting at Six Corners and think "They'll be push-overs."

You call them "idiots." I think they're just disrespectful of the Village.

Yeah, that's a point. Flap their arms and threaten a lawsuit! Look how well that worked out for the Muchnicks.

2. Brian said...

I don't think Andrew is trying to substitute the petition as a replacement for a land use study. He is just trying to show that there is community support. I am sure once there is a dialogue a formal impact study will be submitted....

Of course he is! "Andrew" found out a year ago that there was a certain amount of "community support" when he commissioned his May 2011 'phone poll.

Since making himself, and his cohort Bob Gianos, known to the Village Board last November, he has tried everything possible, including lying, to avoid making a formal application.

The only thing that "Andrew" is "just trying to" do is develop his parcels in the B3 and I1 districts, never mind the deleterious impact it would have on the B1 district. He knows this, because he's seen what he and other developers have done to the downtown area of Riverhead.

There has been plenty of dialogue over the past ten months, Brian, but still no actual application. The Environment Impact Statement, you reference would come as a consequence of that application, but he refuses to take that step.
– Dean

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