Me 'n' Clint out in the schoolyard...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Me 'n' Clint out in the schoolyard...

What a cheeky wag that Clint Greenbaum is!

First he makes a point of coming over to intro­duce himself and his "trophy" (his description, not mine) wife to me at the polling place yes­terday, and then this evening he sends out his mass advocacy E-mailing (with a reasonably appropriate disclaimer) urging that the West­hampton Beach "Union Free" School District Special Referendum be passed tomorrow.

Then he follows up with a (taunting?) Com­ment to the day's earlier blog entry inviting me to re-publish his E-mail here to reach a wider audience!

Okay, Clint, I'll see your E-mail and raise with one of my own.

Clint's Message (graphics omitted)

Please don't let apathy win!

(Below the cartoon is a picture of where to vote and park and an explanation of the referendum.)

*Clint Greenbaum is a member of the WHB School Board. His public endorse­ment to vote yes for the special refer­endum represents his personal opinion.

To vote, enter the double doors behind the new auditorium. Polls are open from 1:30 to 9 PM.

Included in his E-mail was last week's edition of the District's The Cupola newsletter which, as with Mr. Greenbaum's E-mail, was rather light on information, which is why the Westhampton Beach Board of Education was taken to task here.

Having received Clint's Referendum Eve message, I responded with one of my own, and to provide equal time to myself since this is my blog, here is My Message:

Vote NO Tomorrow
(Thursday, November 8)
for WHB School District
Special Referendum


I've discussed it here:

But mostly for the simple reason that it would be nice for once to see something coming back from the $30.8 million bond which was approved in 2003. It's surplus money which the Board of Education is attempting to "re-purpose" for non-essential purposes, and it would mean a return of $100-$120 per district household.

Clint Greenbaum, who is going the other way on this issue and made an E-mail earlier this evening, is a member of the WHB School Board. His public endorsement to vote "yes" for the special referendum represents his personal opinion.

I am Dean Speir, and I am acting in the capacity of what would be known in the United Kingdom, as the loyal opposition.

The polls are open from 1:30 pm to 9:00 pm, Thursday. Please vote "No!"

– Dean Speir
On The Beach Blogger


So, there ya go, Clint... and I'd like you and everyone else to note that right here in this blog entry we've had a much fuller airing of the issue then the Board of Education felt it necessary to have in any informational meeting.

That's the part that irks me the most. There's no compelling reason for the District to not return the money to those who've provided it in the first place! It's surplus, so give it back!

See ya tomorrow!


1. Clamqueen said...

Way to go, Dean!!!! I want my money back, too.

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