Tight as it gets...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tight as it gets...

...but Republican Nancy Graboski and Demo­crat Anna Throne-Holst win the Southampton Town Board races, and incumbent Supervisor Patrick "Skip" Heaney finishes third in his bid for a final term!

Four (4!) votes had separated Democrat Jim Henry and Republican Linda Kabot with one final Election District taking forever to report, but when it was all over but for the absentee ballots and recanvas, Mrs. Kabot had prevailed by 70 votes and the two things which are cer­tain is that the Heaney reign is history and we won't be having a Police Commissioner.

And, and one other thing... at least one side, if not two or more, will be in Yaphank tomorrow, challenging the results.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

Good job covering this political history in the making. It was nice to see you at the polling place. When I first sat down here to type Jim Henry was ahead, and now Linda is ahead and Skip has become history.

2. Tony Jo Berk said...

Any news on Southampton Town's Police Commish? Imagine that a Police Commisioner with knowledge of Police work. What a concept.

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