From Pat Stinchi's scrapbook...

Friday, June 22, 2012

From Pat Stinchi's scrapbook...

...courtesy of her son Marcus, a 1998 letter to Hampton Chronicle-News [sigh!] Editor W. Michael Pitcher, authored by the blogger, well before there was a blog.

(It must be noted that paragraph three falls under the heading of: Had I known Then....)

1998 Letter to the Editor

I'd disremembered that letter, but I absolutely stand by it except for the implied endorsement of Mickey Chih to the Planning Board... that could have turned out better.

(The thrust of the letter was a final jape at the merci­fully brief Wilenski administration whose leader, Trus­tee Tom Pescod, was so convinced that Village Gov­ernment was corrupt1, that he wanted to "clean house" as quickly as possible, and in doing so made ZBA and Planning Board appointments where, as a matter of law, no vacancies existed.)

But Pat's ZBA appointment was one of Bob Strebel's shining administrative moves!

That Pat had clipped and scrapbooked the letter meant that she liked it... a rare instance of her approving of her name appearing anywhere in public.

While she would never call me, if her name showed up on OtBB, the next time we'd see one another, she'd begin with "I have a bone to pick with you!"

As noted previously, she was an intensely private person!

When Jeanne was upstate earlier this Spring getting her newly widowed mother squared aware, she found out that her niece was crafting tiny figures, immediately remembered Pat's wonderfully detailed minature houses, and brought her back a pair.

They sat on a table in the hall for several weeks while, having no inking of her health, I tried to call her to see when I could drop them off... but she never seemed to be home.

So I winged it one afternoon earlier this month and stopped up on Humphrey Lane... her car was there but no one appeared to be home, so I left the gift bag hanging on the handle of the kitchen door.

When I learned of her passing, I hoped that she'd gotten the figurines. Marc assured me that she had, and they been put to immediate us.

Sorry I missed her services today, but I mixed up the day and the time. An OtBBer tells me it was a good send off.

  1. It was at a time when Pescod was trying to sell his veterinary practice in Speonk, and wanting to get top dollar, was disturbed to learn that a former employee was trying to set up a practice in Westhampton Beach.

    He tried all manner of means to thwart so close a competitor, including retaining a land use expert through a "beard" to give testimony before the ZBA as to why the competitor's application should be denied.

    We approved the variance so she could proceed, but couldn't figure out what was the Woodland Avenue resident's interest in denying the application... until our Board Secretary, Ms. Patricia Ann Stinchi, quietly explained the relationship between the "beard" and Tom Pescod.

    None of us on the ZBA would have, could have, figured it out.


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