<i>Où sont les neiges d'antan?</i>

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Où sont les neiges d'antan?

The refrain from François Villon's celebrated "Ballade des dames du temps jadis" seems especially apt, for there are three of those ladies in the snapshot Pat Stinchi's son Marcus was gracious enough to forward this afternoon.

December 1996

The time was December 1996, and the occasion Pat's retirement party at one of Marcus' houses in Quogue, and those no longer with us are Susan O'Rourke (top left), Pat (top center) and Barbara Seidler (nestled in the center foreground).

I was scouring the hard drive of an old computer looking for something of Pat, but Marc beat me to it... his mom was something of a pack rat, and had scrap-booked volumes of photos and clippings.

Pat and the pre-blogger blogger

It brought back lots of good memories, none more vivid than that of Pat in gold lamé Capezios dancing to the DeeJay Marc had engaged for the gala.

And the girl could dance, too! Made me wonder why I'd never seen her on the floor of the old Palm Terrace back in the late '50s.

Anet the loss of Susan, the peripatetic Lisa Finn today Patch-published a wonderful recollection of two moms of teenage sons.


1. RIRNY said...

Nice turnout at Pat's funeral today. Glad to see so many people there to say good-bye to a special person.

Rats! I think the heat's fried my memory banks... I was all set for her services Saturday morning, and Susan's visiting hours Saturday afternoon!

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