Two too soon...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two too soon...

Updated 06/21/2012 – 12:45 pm

...have just left us and the Village is greatly diminished by their passing.

One of the very best resources of instutional knowledge of Westhampton Beach, Patricia Ann Stinchi, passed away Sunday afternoon at her home on Humphrey Lane follow­ing a brief battle with a terrible illness.

An intensely private person, Pat would have taken my head off the next time I saw her for even mentioning this on OtBB, but such were her contributions to the Village over the past half century, that I'll risk it.

She served for many years as Deputy Clerk of the Village, and after taking early retirement, in 1998 was appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals by Mayor Bob Strebel.

When it came to parcels with the Village, Pat literally knew where all "the bodies were buried," having served as Secre­tary to both the Plannning and Zoning Boards during her years of service.

Before Village Land Use records were computerized and indexed, she knew just where someone could retrieve a file.

Susan Johnson O'Rourke

Another who served as Secretary to the Plannning and Zoning Boards for the past several years, Susan Johnson O'Rourke, this afternoon lost her courageous fight as well.

Under the heading of "Isn't it a small world," during my tenure on the ZBA (1985-1996) if Pat Stinchi wasn't available to record the minutes, she'd press Susan into service in her stead.

Our condolences to Pat's sons David and Marcus, and to Susan's sons Tyler and Connor.

Updated information for Susan is available on the 27East obits page or the Follett and Werner site, and for Pat on 27East.


1. Max Mascia said...

Remember them well. They were super people to work with and for.

Seconded and moved unanimously

2. Ilene Dover said...

Westhampton Beach has lost two wonderful gals. So sad to hear that.

Did it ever!

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