And the winnahs are...

Friday, June 15, 2012

And the winnahs are...

...certainly not the real people of Westhampton Beach, for Joan Levan's Lightning Party swept the Trustees' race this evening, leaving Mayor Conrad Teller a lonely voice at the head of Village Government.

Even Mr. Teller's uncontested run for reëlection was not exactly a strong vote of confidence, as he was returned to office with only 216 marks on Row A out of 369 total ballots cast.

Semi-official results of the 2012
Village of Westhampton Beach Election
Office Candidate Row Votes
Mayor Conrad Teller A 216  
Trustee Ralph Urban B 252  
Trustee Charlie Palmer Jr. B 190  
Trustee Toni Jo Birk C 188  

Aside from the shock of seeing Mrs. Birk go down for the first time in four elections, the biggest surprise was the margin of victory for first-timer Ralph Urban, who garnered 252 votes, over 68% of the total.

Charlie Palmer Jr.'s two(!) vote victory doubtless was due to being on the same line as Mr. Urban, who carried him into office in much the same way as Jim Kametler came to the Village Board on Tim Laube's coat tails in 2004.

By the same token, Mrs. Birk's loss was attributable in large party by her ballot positioning... the last line, in this instance Row C, was not optimal.

The appointments made at the July 2nd Organizational Meeting will be of considerable interest, and will offer a preview of what the next two years will hold for the Village.

If Mr. Urban can maintain a semblance of independence from Mrs. Levan, and last June's first timer, Patricia DiBenedetto, can stand on her own two feet, then things may not prove as dark as they now appear.


1. John Roland said...

My God! What has my beloved Westhampton Beach done to itself?

And more importantly, why?

  1. It'll find out soon enough.
  2. Because the electorate have, for the most part, shown themselves to be uninformed idiots!
Thought of you this evening when I saw that Toni Jo had lost by two votes... and no Chihs had voted!

2. Joyce L. Donneson said...

Sad sad sad and I don't even live in the Village.

3. EastEnd68 said...

Joan is very busy this morning – unbearable.

I would imagine... "Death warrants" to be signed, loyalty oaths to collect, appointments to discuss, orders to be given. Comes with the position of being "Boss."
– Dean

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