Again with the last minute lies

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Again with the last minute lies

Okay, everyone get today's mailing from the Lightning Party, the red and black sheet on white paper playing fast and loose with Deputy Mayor Toni Jo Birk's record and dragging Westhampton Beach Police Chief Ray Dean back into the frey?

Mrs. Birk is a big gal and by now a veteran of Village politics, so she doesn't need OtBB to respond to the obviously politically motivated charges spun by the challengers.

In truth, she was the primary reason I launched a last second campaign for the Village Board in 2007, because I strenuously disagreed with the "meddling" she was under­taking with Police Department administrative prerogatives.

But she has seen the light on that matter after two years of watching from a ring-side seat while the Village PD come close to destroying itself from within... she learned, she re-thought and she grew. Don't know how much more one can expect from any elected official.

No, the "lies" referred to are those claims made for the Lightning Party candidates.

Ralph Urban is a first-timer and has no politial track record in the Village... and though he worked for me in the mid-'60s when I headed up the WearEver/Cutco crew on the East End, I've probably only seen him in passing two-three times in the past 46 years.

His political downside is those with whom he was invited to get into bed... and accepted.

And while The Southampton Press Editorial Board will not be endorsing him, they see Ralph's activities as a member of the Negotiating Committee representing his Montauk School District teachers' union, as a positive attribute.

That's only if he is able to remember which side of the bar­gaining table he'll sit if he is successful in Friday's election!

There is, though, no upside to Charlie Palmer Jr.... he's a lifelong mooch whose entire approach to pubic service ingrained in him as a youth, can be encapsulated as: "what can the public do for me?"

He's been a free-loader seemingly forever... whether it's using his neighbor's sanitation pick-up because he's too cheap to purchase the Southampton Town "green bags" or showing up at Hampton Synagogue for kuddush for the free desserts.

This is hardly the behavior of one who touts his own "high ethical standards," and is that what he means by "Con­servative Fiscal Responsibility?"

For several years, someone using the 'Netname "Publius" was a regular Commenter on reports involving West­hampton Beach on 27East.

The themes of those comments were uniformly critical of Mayor Conrad Teller, Deputy Mayor Birk and Chief Dean, while laudatory of Trustees Joan Levan, Hank Tucker and Jim Kametler.

When "Publius" got careless and some sharp investigative work tied him to some strident faxes to Village Hall origi­nating from a County-owned fax machine adjacent to Junior Palmer's office within Suffolk County Police Depart­ment, notice was directly given that County equipment... fax machines and computers... were not for personal use, particularly on County time!

Virtually overnight "Publius" disappeared from 27East.

Once again, it would have been good if there had been a Candidate's Forum, but Joan Levan, who's calling the Lightning Party shots, has an absolute horror of them, and has always refused to participate... she won't risk anything she can't control.

So the voters of Westhampton Beach will have to forego seeing any of these matters discussed in the open.

But experience has shown us that most of the voters have made up their minds even before the candidates have declared.

But no one should buy into Junior Palmer's professed "high ethical standards;" they simply do not exist.

  1. It was long the reasoning here that "Publius" was the late Harris Palmer, which reasoning was demonstrated to be faulty when Harris Palmer passed away in early 2010 and "Publius" continued to post on 27East.


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