Election Day Notes

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Election Day Notes

November Election Day

Working in #37 all day, the only one of the four E.D.s with two polling machines, yet after three hours, one of the least busy, even that of #30 (mostly deserted Dune Road) in the Westhampton Beach Fire House... um, make that the "main" fire house!

One of the more positive features of working a polling place is that everyone comes to you, so it's a laid-back way to catch up with people you haven't seen in awhile.

One of the first pieces of intelligence garnered from a chum with his ear to the Good Ground, was the source of the Southampton Town GOP organization's recent displeasure with their upstart candidate for Supervisor, Linda Kabot.

"It was those stupid newspaper advertise­ments listing all the contributors to the GOP! She, or whoever conceived them, was trying to show all the special interest and vendors who'd given money to 'Skip' Heaney... Hello! She seems to have for­gotten that she was now the GOP candi­date, #1, and, #2, who's going to want to give money in the future and see their name and the amount they contributed listed in a newspaper adv. making alle­gations of impropriety!?"

Who indeed? Point taken!

This could prove a major problem in the immediate future... not only for Mrs. Kabot with a heretofore promising political career ahead of her seemingly dead before her 40th birthday, but the Town Republican party who've always had the fullest coffers come campaign time.

Where once the GOP could prevail on the basis of a superior force of registrations, with the influx of Democrats from Noo Yawk City and the Westward incursions of the same from East Hampton, the money factor has become increasingly relevant.

If the Kabot campaign's blunder impacts negatively on future GOP money streams, Mrs. Kabot had better be prepared to move to Montana and teach a grade school class while she tries to reinvent her political career.

She won't be entirely blameless, however... granted that there was a certain lack of enthusiasm for her candidacy within the Town leadership after Primary Day when she pulled the pants down of the organization's original choice, Mr. Heaney, but why wasn't the traditionally successful GOP brain trust working harder to coordinate their "messages?"

No post mortems 'til a death certificate is is­sued in Yaphank.

More on the local scene, Andrew "Buddy" Mazzio stopped by in an official capacity of some sort, and disclosed that the television show devoted to Chef Ramsay's hands-on critique of Finn McCool's is finally set to air on Fox TV next Wednesday evening, the 14th (9:00 pm-10:00 pm). It will be interesting to watch and perhaps learn why one of the best (and more affordable) reasons to dine there, "Bangers & Mashed," disappeared from his new menu.


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