The unholiest of alliances...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The unholiest of alliances...

Updated 06/12/2012 – 03:49 pm

Joan Levan and Angelo dela Fuente at the front Desk of Villaqe Hall, 3:40 pm, June 11, 2012

...has, with Westhamp­ton Beach Elections just days away, resurfaced for fair as Trustee Candidate Charlie Palmer Jr., former Trustee Joan Levan and shady political operative Angelo de la Fuente have descended on Village Hall with a fistful of Freedom of Information Act requests.

Their objective? To discover some way that the Suffolk County Board of Election's denial of the Lightning Party's challenge to Toni-Jo Birk's Nominat­ing Petition might be appealed.

It's what is known in football... thank you, Doug Flutie!... as a "Hail Mary" play.

There will be, however, no "Miracle at Six Corners" despite the Empress of Oneck's desperate attempts to again im­pose her malevolent will on the Village election process.

Having already suffered one humiliation because of her ig­no­rance of New York State Election Law, she's now throw­ing good money after bad by pursuing the unwinnable.

She knows that she hasn't got a chance of controlling the Village Board with Deputy Mayor Birk still on the ballot come Friday.

(The Lightning Party needs a "super majority" because even with three members in place, her ability to consistently bend all three to her will is questionable.)

Last week, sounding like Nixon during his final days in The White House, she sniveled to The Southampton Press' Erin McKinley that the Board of Election's decision to deny her challenge shows favoritism for Deputy Mayor Birk because "Ms. Levan insists that other village residents would not have been granted the same courtesy."

By her own words, it gets worse:

"The office is never open on a Friday after 4. They can claim all day long that they stayed open on that one day this year, but I doubt it. I mean, [Ms. Birk] has a key to the building – she could have walked in and time-stamped her own petition."

That's a mental health issue right there!

(It also reveals the Levan mindset: "That's what I would do, so Toni-Jo is capable of the same sort of criminality!")

So, back to the FOIA requests, starting with the one Junior Palmer filed last Friday to learn exactly who had FOIA'd nominating petitions three minutes to the filing deadline on May 11th, as referenced by Mayor Conrad Teller in a Patch report last week.

That's right... a FOIA request of a FOIA request!

(Psssst!, Joan it was me!)

When she and Señor dela Fuente learned my identity, they returned with an additional FOIA request... for the footage from the security camera during that time frame.

It is unknown at this time what they hoped to learn from that time-stamped video, but it's a bizarre request no matter what their intentions.

And that request was this morning denied, so there's no telling what sort of insane fury, complete with dark mutterings of "They're all against me!," the Empress has worked herself into.

To borrow from the great Lynyrd Skynyrd:

"Ooooh that smell
Can't you smell that smell...."
– "That Smell," Lynyrd Skynyrd

That smell, in this instance, isn't death but desperation!


1. Jeanne Speir said...

My two cents:

The dedicated, experienced, honest and fiscally responsible local candidates Mayor Connie Teller and Trustee Toni Jo Birk truly need your support, Villagers. Please show up and vote.

Yes, dear....

2. Ilene Dover said...

Imagine a village without all the drama. Life could be so sweet!

Imagine this Village without a Joan Levan trying to run everything, or a Junior Palmer mooching off everyone or an Angelo dela Fuente not playing Machievelli! [sigh]

3. SchoolParent said...

While leaving the elementary school and driving down Mill Road towards the Village, something on Mill Road looked out of place to me.

Every home is well maintained. There is one home on the corner of Liberty and Mill whose hedges are overgrown, with weeds starting to poke out over the sidewalk. The lack of upkeep stood out like a sore thumb.

I did not find out until the following day that this is Charlie Palmer's house. How shameful.

And he wants to be on the Village Board!


The upside is that it means he hasn't (yet) moved and weeded... and put it on a neighbor's property to be disposed of.

4. Charlie Clifton said...

May one make an FOIA request online?

I'd like to make an FOIA request of Junior's FOIA request of your FOIA request.

  1. Yes. Go here.
  2. Already did that. He wanted to know exactly who was there at 4:57 pm on Filing Day. When he found out and reported back to the Empress of Oneck, she and her toady Angelo dela Fuente rushed right down to FOIA Village Hall's security footage of that time frame.
– Dean

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