All hail the Kings!

Monday, June 11, 2012

All hail the Kings!

No Cup for the Devils!

The Kings of Los Angeles are now the kings of the National Hockey League, having vanquished the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals, four games to two!

It is the ultimate achievement in profes­sional hockey, and that the Kings are hoisting the Cup, is one of the top sports stories of 2012... Los Angeles was the eighth seed in the Western Conference, having clinched a play-off spot on the penultimate day of the season.

Live long the Kings... 'til one year from now when order is again restored to the NHL as the Detroit Red Wings reclaim Lord Stanley's Cup!


1. Hampton West said...

Like the Football Giants and the baseball Cardinals, it's who gets hot near playoff time that often produces the eventual winner.

Wasn't surprised by the Kings - they finally played up to their pre-season potential. All the pundits had them having a great season - it took the last couple weeks of it for them to step up.
Let's see what your Wings do in the off-season for signing and trades - some big skates to fill due to retirement and you need more consistent goaltending.

How do you fill the skates of someone like Nick Lidström? Lotta shoring up at the blue line with the retirements of Lidström and the previous year, Brian Rafalski... calling Ryan Suter!

The goalers are jus' fine! Jimmy Howard was having a Vezina Trophy-winning season when he went down with an injury.

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