<i>Res ipsa loquitur</i>

Monday, June 11, 2012

Res ipsa loquitur

Ligthtning Party Campaign signs on Angelo dela Fuente's commercial property on Westhampton-Riverhead Road.

In this instance, it is the photograph which speaks for itself, and raises the question of why does Angelo De La Fuente, who lives in Speonk, institute himself in Westhamp­ton Beach politics every year?

And what nefarious schemes are Empress of Oneck Joan Levan and Señor De La Fuente hatching for this year's Village election on Friday?


1. Crabby said...

I can but pray Ralph Urban is not a patsy....

That would be unfortunate.

2. Old Part-timer said...

I'll tell you why he gets involved: because he's a little disgruntled foreigner. Go back to where ever you're from. You are a little bag of s&#@!! Maybe one day Westhampton Beach will look like it was when I grew up here.....

Hey hey hey! I try to keep OtBB "PG-13," #1, and, #2, please check your xenophobia at the portal.

Yes, I know he's disgruntled... he is of the unalterable opinion that former Mayor Bob Strebel and the Village Clerk at the time, Kathy McGinnis, screwed his wife out of $3,000 when she retired from the Court Clerk's office.

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