June Village Board Meeting

Thursday, June 07, 2012

June Village Board Meeting

Uncommonly short session this evening considering there's but eight days 'til the 2012 Village Elections.

All this year's candidates were in attendance, but no one had anything to say... except Mayor Conrad Teller in the course of conducting the meeting, and Deputy Mayor Toni Jo Birk in respect to reading resolutions and signaling in the affirmative as the vote was called.

Immediately following the Pledge of Allegiance, the Mayor made a brief presentation of appreciation to retiring Trustee Leola "Sue" Farrell.

Although she only served one-term, Trustee Farrell made an enormous impact on both Village Government as well as quality of life in Westhampton Beach.

Her most exemplary attribute: not only wasn't she under the thumb of former Trustee Joan Levan, but she, temporarily at least, disrupted the Empress of Oneck's power base and allowed the Village to get on with the business of the Village.

(Thanks for putting yourself out there, Sue!)

Resolutions of moment on the agenda included:

  • Scheduled a Public Hearing for Monday, June 11 at 3:00 pm for Big City Burgers Outdoors Dining application.
  • Authorized the payment of $1700+ in Property Tax reduction to a couple on Dune Road.
  • Appointed the accounting firm of Satty, Levine and Ciacco to audit the Village's 2011-2012 Financial Statements.
  • Appointed Richard T. Haefeli Special Counsel to represent the Village in an Article 78 action initiated against the Planning Board by the owners of the concrete plant at the North end of Hazelwood Avenue.
  • Approved, per NYS Law, a schedule of Standard Work Days for Elected and Appointed Village Officials1.
  • Approved the Use of Village Property, including Rogers Beach, the Yacht Basin, the Trustees Meeting Room, and the Village Green, on specific dates and times by the Westhampton Beach Elementary School, the Southampton Town Trustees and Cornell Cooperative Extension, the Kiwanis Club of Greater Westhampton, Ocean Dune Condominium and the Seafield Center for Right Living, rest and Rehabilitation.
  • Renewed Fire Inspection and Electrical services agreements with Southampton Town.
  • Authorized an Intermunicipal Agreement with Suffolk County for Fuel Purchases2.
  • Approved renewal of Jonesy's Outdoors Dining Permit.
  • Appointed even more 2012 Seasonal Beach Personnel.

The only speaker during the Public Comment portion of the meeting, was Jim Flood of Westhampton T-Shirts who requested that the Village replace the downtown signage directing visitors to the "almost unused" municipal parking lot on Mill Road.

Department of Public Works Superintendent John Kearns indicated that he would "get right on it."

The meeting was closed at 7:15 pm in order for the Board to enter Executive Session for the purposes of discussing litigation.

It was not disclosed whether the litigation was pending or on-going.

  1. This relates to three members of Village Government, two elected, one appointed, who've opted into the New York State Retirement System at Tier 5.
  2. Read: cheaper gas.


1. Ray Overton said...

With the exception of the Farmers Market, the Mill Road/ Glovers Lane parking lot is definitely "almost unused." I hope they don't attract too much attention to it. I can nearly always get the first spot closest to Glovers Lane on any Saturday evening when I venture downtown.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We wouldn't want this to get around.

2. Jackie Bennett said...

Cars still mill around on weekends in the south lot by Starr's looking for a place to park. Most are not Starr's customers but are people going to Main Street for ice cream. They leave the cups and wrappers in the road. The dog and I counted our steps from the lot behind the firehouse on Mill Road to Main Street, and then counted our steps from Main Street to the south lot next to Starr's. The number of steps are very nearly the same, so we wonder why so few have figured that out. The Mill Road lot is well-lit and has a side walk to Main Street.

Probably out of habit.

3. EastEnd68 said...

As Dean said: keep that lot a secret, Jackie. Mill Road is reserved for year 'round residents.

Best secret spot ever... right out in the open.

4. Crabby said...

It's days before the election. When's the next post, Speir?

Probably tomorrow morning when the Empress' latest scheme will be revealed.

5. EastEnd68 said...

What is Joan's role in this election? Is she the offical head of the Lightening{sic} Party or just operating behind the scenes?

It's the "Lightning Party," for one, and whether it's "behind the scenes" or outfront, the Empress of Oneck is in charge... she's always in charge!

6. Seeker said...

The Mill Road lot, per then Mayor Bob Strebel, would be for parking for attendees of the Methodist Church and the Jewish Temple... apparently he forgot about the parking right next to Beach Methodist, and I doubt one person attending the Hampton Synagogue has ever used that lot, preferring Sunset, Brook and the SCNB lot!


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