I wasn't enthusiastic about Romney...

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I wasn't enthusiastic about Romney...

...before I saw this news report:

Romney's private e-mail possibly hacked

"The website Gawker reported Tuesday that an anonymous hacker had signed into Romney's personal Hotmail account."

...but now quiet desperation has set in for the future of our troubled Nation!

"Hotmail?" Freakin' Hotmail!?! The Presidential wannabe is, or was as recently as this past March, actually using "mittromney@hotmail.com" as an E-dress?

Apparently, this had been going on for some time:

"The address became public because Romney used it to conduct state business when he served as governor of Massachusetts...."

(Romney was Governor from 2003-2007.)

That is sooooooooooo low-rent as to tax credulity... and with his campaign coffers brimming with over $100 million in contributions so far, why in whatever is sacred to him has he been using a notoriously insecure, free, Web-based E-mail account?

I do not look forward to November with any enthusiasm.


1. Ray Overton said...

This election season is going to become very, very ugly. You can bet the Obama team is readying their attack dogs (especially after yesterday's strong showing by Scott Walker in Wisconsin) and the challenger's team will be readying their responses.

Psssst!, Ray, don't look now but virtually all elections "have" been ugly for some years now.

2. Joyce L. Donneson said...

Unrelated to this topic, check out 27East. Seems some problem(s) may have occurred in the school vote... do we question all lines?

O, Joyce, what did you do now?

Oops, wait a minute... you didn't do anything, did you!?

3. Champ19 said...

Oh, I agree. Hotmail. You gotta be kiddin me. Deserves to be hacked.

He comments, from his personal Hotmail account!

Back in '99, when I didn't know better, I set up a Hotmail account so I could exchange E-mails with a gal in Connecticut while I was taking day-long classes at New Horizons up in Commack. Like some noob who just arrived on a Trailways bus, I used the same password on the Hotmail account as on my primary E-mail account with the old Prodigy service... some months later I discovered that someone in California had cracked my Hotmail account, easily deduced my Prodigy information, and had been having commission checks from Prodigy re-routed to a confederate in Long Beach here on the Island.

In one area of my business, I don't even accept E-mails from Hotmail accounts, and auto-bounce them.
– Dean

4. Champ19 said...

Yes, he who comments from his Hotmail account is not running for Prez. As most Hotmail users know, obviously not the Mitt, Hotmail is a junk E-mail service as so characterized by the blogger hisself.

Point taken.

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