Life with Levan - I

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Life with Levan - I

If anyone thought that the Empress of Oneck had retired from the local political scene when she stepped down from the Village Board last year, it's not so much that "She's baaaaacccck!" as that she never went away.

So this morning's dispatch from the local Patch...

Board of Elections Denies Westhampton Beach Petition Challenge

...came as scant surprise.

"The Suffolk County Board of Elections has denied a nominating petition challenge filed by former Westhampton Beach Trustee and resident Joan Levan, ruling Deputy Mayor Toni-Jo Birk did in fact submit her petitions in time to qualify for the ballot.

Levine{sic} had claimed that Birk's peitions were time stamped at 4:46 p.m. which fell after the village's normal business hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m."

Nearly five years in Village Government, and she didn't know that nominating petitions were accepted by the Clerk of the Village, on the final day of filing, right up to 5:00 pm.

What a waste of public time and resources in an attempt to fix this month's Village Election.

It gets better:

"'What if an ordinary resident got there at quarter to five could they file a petition?' Levine{sic} said, contending the ruling gives Birk special treatment."

Ignoring for the moment that the Empress of Oneck has never given a whit about "an ordinary resident," the answer, Mrs. Levan, is an unequivocal "Yes!"

And we're not just "quibbling about" minutes... it's the Law!

Turning for a moment from the malevolent Mrs. Levan to the hypocritical, there's this from candidate Junior Palmer, who would have benefited from Mrs. Birk being knocked off the ballot:

"The BOE ruled that it was perfectly legal, but I think it was a little unethical or unfair when she was able to turn hers in and the village closes at 4 p.m."

Palmer too doesn't know the law, suggesting that he just another of the Empress' puppets, and the word "unethical" in his mouth should set his head on fire!

This is a man who should never be let anywhere near Village Hall... overtime for staff counting pens and rubber bands every time he leaves the building would break the budget.

Just ask his old C.O. at the 106th ANG.


1. Seeker said...

Queen of the scheme and her cycling sycophant.

That scans nicely... good work.

2. Wingman said...

Isn't it time that you forgave Mrs. Levan for beating you by six votes. I can't help thinking about the uproar you would have made if Mrs. Levan filed her petition after the normal closing time. It doesn't sound like anyone but an "insider" knew that the Village Hall was staying open to 5pm on the last filing day. Certainly the two other candidates did not know. So, that does not sound very ethical to most everyone. Your{sic} the so-called Chair of the Village Ethics Committee, but you think it's right that only the incumbant{sic} knew about the 5pm filing? Oh wait, she appointed you to that position. Maybe you should recuse yourself from further nasty comments about the candidates.

Yes, Mrs. Levan beat me by six votes, and that was entirely on me, not on her and I never suggested that it was.

The rest of your whine just makes you look foolish and uninformed:
  1. "Anyone but an 'insider'" How 'bout just someone who took the time to learn the rules before "sitting down at the table."
  2. Don't you think that it would behoove "the two other candidates" to do a little research before making idiots of themselves? Actually, that's more on Mrs. Levan than them, even though Junior Palmer threw good money after bad trying to defend the Lightning Party's actions. (And he's trying to tell voters that he's competent and responsible enough to be Trustee?)
  3. I'm not "the so-called Chair," I am the Chair, and the incumbent (preferred spelling) didn't appoint me, the Mayor did.

In respect to the "nasty comments" suggestion, the OtBB standard is very simple:
  1. Is it fair?
  2. Is it accurate?

Yeah, on both counts! The Empress of Oneck and Junior Palmer put themselves in this position, and neither had the good graces nor the political savvy to do an "Oops!"

3. EastEnd68 said...

Typical Joan – when you are wrong keep blabbering and make yourself look worse.

Never mind that such a style would be beneath the dignity of most Empresses....

4. Crabby said...

I'll bet she knew it was legal, but she consistently contests her competition's petitions.

As the Villagers of Westhampton Beach pay and pay for Levan's expensive and nebulous excesses with our tax dollars, I am delighted beyond belief. Despite calculatingly insinuating herself into the League of Women Voters, Levan was unable to "fix" the system.

Justice prevails. Huzzah!

  • Don't be "quibbling" now, Crabby! You know how the Empress hates "quibbling."
  • You're right...Joan Levan has been an expensive proposition since she first showed up here.
But hold the Huzzah!s 'til some real justice is served.

5. Wingman said...

I don't know how you can state that your blog is fair and accurate. You were a Trustee candidate twice. Did you ever file your petition at 4:45 on the last possible day? I think not! Do you know of any candidates that waited until 4:45 to file their petitions ever? I bet that it has never occurred before. Didn't Trustee Birk challenge her opponent's petitions two separate times during the past few years. First, Elyse Richman was forced off the ballot and had to launch a write-in campaign. In 2010, she forced Michelle Bugge off the ballot and she also launched a write-in campaign. Why was that OK for her to challenge petitions, but not for Mrs. Levan to do so. She ran for office twice and never filed her petitions after 4pm. So all this nonsense about wasting taxpayers $$ is ridiculous. When you challenged 50 voters at the polls a couple of years ago, you did not concern yourself about wasting Village resources. Also, didn't the Board of Trustees adopt a resolution appointing you as Chair of the Village Ethics Committee by a vote of 3-2? So, it appears to me that she appointed you by casting a deciding vote!

[sigh] Already I get the sense that talking with you is like talking to Hank Tucker: useless because of limited comprehension skills.
  1. Because it is "fair and accurate," and you have offered no specifics to refute that.
  2. Doesn't matter whether I did or didn't... I could have, and I knew that I could have because I did the responsible thing and checked.
  3. Who exactly challenged the petitions of Elyse Richman and Michelle Buggé I don't recall, but I do recall that in each instance the challenges were successful because of a defect in the submitted petitions.
  4. Why was it okay for those petitions to be challenged? Because the party or parties who issued the challenges recognized a possible defect in the petitions, and the challenges were upheld by the Board of Elections.

    Whoever issued the challenge(s) knew enough about the applicable law to recognize the flaws. Mrs. Levan's challenge was specious: the flaw was in the basis of the challenge, not in Mrs. Birk's petitions, and now the Lightning Party has egg all over its face.

    Reminds me of the challenge the Empress made to my own petitions in 2007, when she said I was short of the required 50 valid signatures. It was quickly determined that the only think "short" was Mrs. Levan's basic arithmetic skills; I had 61 valid signatures and she had egg on her face that time as well.
  5. Though your numbers are way off, when I challenged the registrations of a number of what looked to be illegal voters. You previously mentioned that I lost in 2007 by six votes; five of those voters were discovered to be illegal. The next year, John Roland lost the Trustees race by two votes, four of which were illegal.

    What's the difference? I prefer a legitimate and fair election; Joan Levan likes one she can control.
  6. You stated that I was appointed by Mrs. Birk; yes, she voted to confirm that appointment, but the appointment was made by Mayor Teller.
You're out of your depth here, Wingman... your information is incomplete and your reasoning skills are limited. If you want to continue carrying the Empress of Oneck's water, do it on Patch, not here.

6. EastEnd68 said...

Drop it already – the Board of Elections has ruled and Junior lost his only chance of being elected. To be elected to any office Junior would have to run unopposed.

In a just world, perhaps.

7. Seeker said...

Wingman? Wingnut.

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