Dining Out, Eating In

Monday, June 04, 2012

Dining Out, Eating In

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Summertime, while not officially here 'til Wednesday, June 20th, but for those who come to the The Hamptons, and those who serve those who come to the The Hamptons, it's been here for the past ten days plus however many hours.

One of the things my wife likes best about "The Season," aside from being able to wriggle her fingers in the earth and making things grow, is that she can again dine on  Ms. Sandy Patterson's special recipe1 Cranberry Turkeyburgers at The Post Stop Café

For my part, I'm down with the ordinary ol' half-pound burger with Jack cheese, mainly because of the crisp, mildly-spiced waffle fries... best I've had anywhere ever!

But I've also been "bach-ing" it a bit over the past two months while Jeanne's been tending to family matters up in Margaretville, and while I'd like to try, I've discovered that man... this man at least... cannot survive on Firehouse Pizza's crumbly-sausage pies alone, and there is now a terrific alternative for eating in.

It's Cow Palace of Westhampton Beach, the former Dean's Country Market, on Mill Road next to the former Kara's Sports Pub2.

When Bun 'n' Burger, two doors down, gave up on their superb Tuesday evening dinners, meat market manager Justin DeMarco was savvy enough to grab up Chris Johanson and put him to work cooking and packaging some very tasty meals to bring home, heat for 20-25 minutes3, and not have a bunch of pots and pans to clean up afterwards.

While my current favorite is Chris' Ziti with (white) Meat Sauce, I had something new this evening that was like nothing I've ever had before: fried chicken cutlets on a bed of some sort of creamy corn and chopped pork bits... I think.

Damn, it was good!

It's all freshly made and at $10-$11, a very good value... there's more than enough to feed two.

  1. Ask Sandy to relate the origins of that recipe something... it's a hoot!
  2. And right now it looks like it's always going to be "the former Kara's Sports Pub."
  3. Much faster if'n ya wanna "nuke'm," but my preference is a 350° oven, thank you very much.


1. Crabby said...

Mmmmm, Firehouse Pizza's Sicilian Pizza is sooooo light and crunchy. I've never had one like it.

Sounds like you had polenta (the corn with bits of ham.) That's how you maintain that youthful figure of yours!

You meeka beeg joka, eh?

I just looked up "polenta" and I don't think that's it because it wasn't a mash; the corn was still in kernel form.

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

Thanks, Crabby, for the tip about Firehouse Sicilian Pizza. It sounds like the heavenly kind served at the Mastic Idle Hour Restaurant on Montauk Highway in the late '40s. Haven't had a pizza that good since.

M'Gawd! Haven't thought of the Idle Hour in over half-a-century! Did you and your beau travel up there in raccoon coats and a jalopy with rationing stamps?

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