My, how the media loves...

Sunday, June 03, 2012

My, how the media loves...

...a catchy name, cf: "Jack the Ripper," "the Night Stalker," "the Angel of Death," "the Beltway Sniper," "the White Hispanic Neighborhood Vigilante," ad nauseum.

(Actually, the jury of public acceptance appears to have put the kibosh on the last one.)

The sensation-mongers can't quite decide on the appro­priate tag for the lastest bit of gruesomeness, so they're having it both ways, "test-marketing" which will play better with their readership.

From May 28th:

Police shoot naked cannibal during zombie attack in Miami

The following day, they still hadn't made up their minds:

Victim of Miami Zombie identified...

"The Miami cannibal who was shot by police officers on Saturday has been identified as Rudy Eugene, a 31-year-old homeless man with a history of personal issues."

("Personal issues?" Do ya think?)

Elsewhere, they're calling it the "Causeway Cannibal Case," which has a distinct alliterative value.

But if anyone thought that the story couldn't get anymore bizarre and revolting than a naked face-eater with a snoot-full of a street drug yclept "bath salts," it's taken to a whole new reverse peristaltic level:

Attorney Gloria Allred Now Connected To Causeway Cannibal Case

'Cuse me... now heading some place quiet to hurl.


1. Mrs Genetics said...

Hands down, "Police shoot naked cannibal during zombie attack..." is the winner.

What's disturbing is the "fun" so many in the media are having with this horrific story.

2. Ray Overton said...

Then there is my old favorite from The Post "Headless Body in Topless Bar." From my limited career in the newspaper industry, you know that every assistant editor wants to "make his bones" by coming up with one of those headlines.

The funny thing is that Vince Musetto, who authored that, insists that while it might have been his best known, his personal favorite was "Granny Executed in Her Pink Pajamas" for the 1984 death chamber coverage of Velma Margie Barfield.

3. Rob F. said...

"It's not clear why Allred is representing the girlfriend."
Not clear?

Here's a clue: Publicity!
That's not a "clue," Rob, that's the answer... It's "always" the answer for Allred (née Bloom).

But what possible need could the unnamed girlfriend have for "representation?" Did she provide the decedent with his drugs?

4. Hampton West said...

I like when Jack Haley, the Tin Man of "The Wizard of Oz" movie passed away, The New York Post ran on page 1:

"Tin Man's Heart Stops Beating, Jack Haley Dead"

That would have been 1979... I don't recall that one.

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