Going to the Beach?

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Going to the Beach?

"'Mother may I go out to swim?'
Yes, my darling daughter,
Hang your clothes on a hickory limb,
But don't go near the water."

If you're headed for Rogers Beach this morning, be prepared to stay dry!

Same goes for Quantuck Beach Club, Lashley Pavilion and, by WNBC4's count more than 60 additional beaches in Suffolk County.

(For its part, Newsday... you know, the one which touts itself as the Long Island newspaper... reports that "19 LI beaches," all in Nassau County, are closed.

Ditto "monkey see, monkey do" News12 LI.)

The culprit in the closings, according to the Suffolk County Department of Health: high bacteria levels in the water following the recent heavy rainfall.


1. Crabby said...

And here I thought it was riptides... ewwwww!

37 years ago it was sharks!

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

The rain is full of bacteria that it picks up in the atmosphere from the doggy doo and bird droppings, automotive residue and lawn chemicals found on the ground. The gentleman over here contends, and he may be right, that leaf blowers blow all that stuff into our respiratory systems. If he is correct about that, then he may have uncovered the mystery of some of our upper respiratory problems. It's a subject for discussion.

It certainly is!

3. Hampton West said...


It seems odd to me that the ocean beaches would also be closed; I would think the ocean tides on the ocean side of the barrier islands would flush things out quickly.

It's a different world toiday than the one in which we grew up.

4. EastEnd68 said...

Tugboat's gentleman is a genius. That theory make so much sense. Thanks.

She'll be delighted at the validation.

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